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Week of June 30th, 2020 - New Fanedits

The Scribbling Man

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We have three new fanedits for you this week:


Halloween H20: The Final Showdown by youngy94
My goal with this edit is to bring back a more serious atmosphere like the previous Halloween entries in the franchise and to make it feel more like a successor to the first two movies. I also wanted to make the movie less about Laurie's conflict with her son and more about her confrontation with Michael and also improve the pace of the movie so Laurie's showdown with Michael comes quicker.


Thor: Odinson? by Malthus
Thor is a great character but I always found his debut a little lackluster. For me the real issue was the films structure. The choice to front load the movie with huge Asgardian set pieces meant the second act drags. My edit aims to resolve and create and air of mystery around Thor.


A View To A Kill: The LS Cut by LastSurvivor
...the intention with this edit is to present a final outing for Moore's 007 which is tighter, a tad more serious and overall an extremely entertaining way to end the Moore era. Welcome to A View to a Kill - The LS Cut
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