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Week of August 16th, 2020 - New Fanedits

The Scribbling Man

Staff Member
4 new edits for you this week:


Reservoir Dogs: The Bloodier Shot by Bobson Dugnutt
The Bloodier Shot aims to reinsert the three deleted scenes back into Tarantino's first outing, further exploring the characters and their backgrounds. 10 minutes of new footage has been reintegrated into the film. The scenes are less than ideal quality, but I have done what I could to fix the visual and auditory flaws to help them flow back into the film.


The Lone Ranger Returns by Billy Batson
The only known copy of this serial is a 16mm reduction print found in Mexico in the 1970s. The intent here is to make this serial more accessible to curious viewers interested in the early origins of a cultural icon.


Happy Death Day: A Dugnutt Cut by Bobson Dugnutt
A Dugnutt Cut aims to trim a few poor jokes here and there and shift around some scenes to create a greater emotional climax in the conclusion of the film. It's not too heavy of an edit as the film isn't too bad, but I feel its a much stronger film .


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: The No Manson Family Edition
I enjoy Quentin Tarantino's Movies, but I wasn't a huge fan of this movie. I strongly disliked the entire Manson Family plot. However, I really enjoyed Leonardo Dicaprios storyline. I thought it was the only real story in the film. So I decided to cut out EVERYTHING about the Manson family and have the movie be strictly centered around Leo/Rick Dalton.
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