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'Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith' Deepfake Fanfilm/Editing Project From Black Glove Studios


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Chris McKeon, former assistant to Craig Hinton and writer of Time's Champion, The Final Game, and The Misshapen Planet, is putting together a unique new video presentation...what appears to be a re-edit of the Sarah Jane Adventures serial 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith' with new scenes specially written by McKeon that include Allister Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, who meet up with every major player in the story, from the Tenth Doctor, to Sarah, to K9, to the kids, to the Trickster himself.

Chris is appealing to fans to help with the post-production phase of the project, VFX, deep fake, editing, rotoscoping etc. He's not 'e-begging' for cash either

I expressed concerns when I watched the clips because all of them are Americans and have their accents, Chris assured me there would be a voice dub.

Go to timestamp 5:01 through to 9:34 for details on the project and how you can help (assuming you're skilled in any of the required areas)

Link to their twitter

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