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Watchmen Comic-Cut: At Midnight, All The Agents...


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Full Edit:

Fanedit Name: Watchmen Comic-Cut: At Midnight, All The Agents...
Faneditor Name: Gargamel
Tagline: The comic, brought to life.
Original Movie Title: Watchmen
Fanedit Type: Shorts
Original Release Date: 2009
Original Runtime: 162 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: January 2013
Fanedit Runtime: 34 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
A combination of the Watchmen film with the original graphic novel. Video and sound from the film are used to fill in gaps between each panel of the comic and bring it to life.

While the Watchmen film lacks much of the emotional weight and depth of the comic, it matches the look and images from the comic almost identically. Thus, I thought that the film could be used to organically fill in the gaps between each panel, creating a sort of hybrid motion-comic using video and sound clips from the movie.

Additional Notes:
This is Part 1 of 12.

Other Sources:
I used panels from the Watchmen graphic and music by Clint Mansell.

Editing Details:
My starting point for every scene was the panel of the graphic novel. I adjusted the scenes to match the panels as closely as possible. This including cropping, zooming, and altering the color scheme. I made sure to have smooth transitions and to leave the panels on screen long enough that the dialogue could be read if it wasn't spoken.

Cuts and Additions:
The biggest change was the addition of the comic panels. For the most part the movie scenes stay intact but are spliced up between the panels.

Release Information:

Alan Moore and fanedit.org


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This was a very cool, unique fanedit. I'm a big fan of the graphic novel, hate the movie. Mixing both of them was inspired, but a little rough around the edges. Video quality is quite poor compared to the clarity of the comic book panels.

The editing was well done overall, but (and this may sound like a nitpick) you should have cropped the black bars on the video as whenever you apply a color filter to it to match the panels, the black bar is affected and it got distracting. Some of the dialogue editing could have been improved with some words getting cut off.

Despite the flaws I was still very intrigued and entertained by this edit.

A/V Quality - 6
Visual Editing - 8
Audio Editing - 9
Narrative - 9
Enjoyment - 9

P.S. "Please don't sue me." Awesome.

TV's Frink

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Enjoyment of negative 9? No thanks. ;)


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Sounds intriguing and creative. I look forward to checking it out.
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