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Wall•E - Buy n Large Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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An extended cut of Wall•E that does a little more than extended the film. This replaces a few scenes as they were redone late in production. Some of the footage from the Blu-Ray short "Burn•E" has also been included, but not everything as it does interupt some of the more pivital moments in the films, so not much has been used.

- Added a light being hit, and Burn•E being dispatched to fix it
- Added Burn•E seeing the escape pod being ejected
- Added Burn•E seeing the pod explode
- Cut a moment of Wall•E presenting the plant boot to Eve in space
- Added extended scene of Burn•E being trapped out in space after the droid duo fly in through his door
- Added Wall•E and Eve hiding in a closet as he presents the plant boot to her
- Replaced the droid duo being stuck in the garbage airlock with an alternate version. Spoilers below.

Instead of Wall•E being damaged and Eve attempting to fix him, it is now the reverse as Eve is damaged and Wall•E rushes to fix her

Theatrical - 1:38:41
BnL - 1:41:42

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