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Unusual Telecine Source


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I'm trying to IVTC an NTSC DVD source. It is, without a doubt, the strangest transfer I have ever seen. Using stuff like Virtualdub's IVTC Filter or an AVISynth script that's a combination of TFM() and TDecimate() do not yield appropriate results. Interlaced frames survive, and there are often non-interlaced frames that are clearly the result of two adjacent frames being blended together. When I try and manually double bob/yadif deinterlace it the result is a dizzying and obviously wrong back-and-forth pattern. This happens regardless of top field first or bottom field first approaches. I've tried playing around with the likes of Srestore and Cdeblend, but the best I've ever been able to get out of those are deinterlaced frames that retain the blends. My best guess is that this somehow originated using a blend-style telecine as was once used on NTSC VCDs, but I could be wrong.

@Captain Khajiit or some other mastermind - your expertise would be greatly appreciated.
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