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Twilight Zone meets Charlie X!

The Warlord

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Renamed 'Charlie's Law' from the original script of the episode, my third attempt at adapting a Star Trek: The Original Series episode into a 1960s Twilight Zone episode brings us to 'Charlie X', probably the episode that best fits my idea, since it is virtually a Twilight Zone episode set on the ship of Kirk and crew.

Initially, I thought it best to keep the episode in its current format, more or less, and treat it as one of the would-be Season Four episodes, since I wasn't sure what I could cut. However, the real purpose behind these edits, is for me to adapt a Classic Trek fifty minute episode, into the more traditional half hour approach to anthologies.

So, once you take out all the Captain's Logs and exterior space shots, all that's left to edit is the main material. Thus far, here's what I have shaved off, which currently brings the edit in under thirty minutes:

* All Captain's Logs and exterior space shots.
* The "is that a girl?" exchange.
* Charlie swatting Janice on the posterior.
* The first part of the bridge scene discussing Charlie's survival.
* The opening of the recreation room scene, prior to Uhura's ad-libbed singing.
* The synthetic turkey and Kirk explaining the inappropriateness of hitting a woman, in the corridor. This also removes a continuity error with Kirk's uniform.
* The rest of the scene after the Antares is destroyed, including the 'live turkeys' prank.
* The entire chess scene.
* The end of the scene in which Janice introduces Tina to Charlie.
* Rand bringing her concerns to the bridge.
* The scene between Kirk and Charlie in the former's quarters.
* All the gym scene after Charlie disintegrates Sam.
* A few lines from both the briefing room discussion, and Kirk's questioning of Charlie.
* The subsequent bridge scene up until Uhura is electrocuted.
* Charlie's unannounced visit to Rand's quarters has been edited to cut out the commercial break.
* Charlie entering and breaking free from the brig.
* Uhura picking up a transmission, and Charlie telling Kirk it is his game to decide whether it is false or real.
* Some of the sequence of Kirk attacking Charlie, and the Thasians breaking through.
* Charlie's pleading to stay has been cut. Instead, Kirk speaks for him immediately.

Opening TZ narration edited from 'Elegy' and 'The Fugitive'.
Closing TZ narration edited from 'The Parallel'.

1 x 30 minute episode.
1 teaser, 2 acts.
Converted entirely into monochrome.


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Yeah, this episode has always reminded me of "It's a Good Life" (starring Billy Mumy, best known from Lost in Space)
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