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Troy - The Age of Achilles


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Tagline: The greatest warrior who ever lived.

Original film name: Troy
New film name: Troy: Age of Achilles
Film studio name: Warner Bros. Pictures
Edit crew name: geKKo
Date original film was released: May 14, 2004
Date edit was released: December 12, 2007
Original runtime: 3h 05m (without credits)
New runtime: 1h 46m
Amount of time Cut/Added: 79 minutes cut

Cuts removed/added/extended:
- Removed dog licking dead soldiers.
- Removed boy waking Achilles up in his tent.
- Removed Agamemnon insulting Achilles before fight.
- Moved Achilles fighting Boagrius before opening title sequence.
- Added "Age of Achilles" title
- Trimmed Sparta party scene.
- Removed Helen and Paris post-coital talk.
- Removed Hector confronting Paris after he sleeps with Helen.
- Removed Menelaus asking Agamemnon to go to war against Troy.
- Removed soldiers looking for Odysseus.
- Removed Achilles talking to his mom.
- Removed Hector talking to Priam after Helen arrives in Troy.
- Removed Paris and Helen talking about running away.
- Removed Priam praying, shots of Hector with his wife and baby, Breisis/preists in temple, soldiers getting ready.
- Removed Patroclus throwing his shield down when Achilles tells him he can't fight.
- Trimmed Achilles speech to his men before landing on beach.
- Removed Ajax in combat.
- Removed Achilles decapitating gold statue at temple (Apollo?).
- Removed burning pyres and Trojan wives crying.
- Trimmed Trojan meeting talk about gods.
- Removed Priam talking to Paris and giving him the sword of Troy.
- Removed Hector and wife hving conversation about their son.
- Removed Hector stopping Helen from running away.
- Removed some shots of nameless soldiers dying during battle scenes.
- Trimmed Paris/Menelaus fight for less cutaways to spectator reactions.
- Removed Hector fighting Ajax.
- Trimmed Achilles and Breisis getting it on.
- Removed Priam/Hector/Priests/Paris debating whether to attack Greeks on the beach.
- Removed Breisis and Achilles talking in bed.
- Removed Hector showing his wife the tunnel to escape the city.
- Removed Hector saying goodbye to Priam, Paris, and wife before fight with Achilles.
- Trimmed Hector/Achilles fight for less cutaways to people's reactions.
- Removed close-up of rock that Hector trips over.
- Removed Hector's funeral pyre.
- Trimmed Trojan celebration around the gift horse.
- Removed some shots of Greeks killing Trojan civilians.
- Removed Paris handing over the sword of Troy to some boy.
- Removed Paris, Helen, Breisis, et al. hiking up the mountain looking back at Troy.
- Lots of other minor cuts to improve pacing. In total over 200 edits.
Fanedit details:
Video: 854 x 418, H.264, 1660kbps
Audio: 48kHz, AAC, 128kbps, Stereo

Your intention for this fanedit:
Shift the focus of the story around Achilles.

Hardware and software information:
Final Cut Pro 6

Additional Comment:
This is an extensive reworking of Troy that makes Achilles the main protagonist, not Hector and Paris. The romance between Paris and Helen is merely the instrument that brings Achilles to Troy.

Most of the dialogue and backstory for Hector, Paris, Helen, and Priam are greatly reduced. There is also less talk of the Gods and fewer scenes with priests and temples. A lot of the exposition around the politics of the war has also been cut.

With more than a third of the movie cut, the final result is a quicker-paced, action-oriented movie with elements of adventure and romance, and a clear protagonist for the audience to follow.
Time needed for the edition:
6 days

persons involved:
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