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Trancers: Enhanced Edition (Mastered and Upscaled from the Vestron LD)


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By OmegaMattman

This is a project which I completed about a month ago.

Anyone who has seen any of the various official DVD releases of the movie Trancers knows of the problems they all share. It's duplicated from the Vestron LaserDisc (not the master used for that LaserDisc), it's 4x3 open-matte video, it's loaded with compression problems, and there's an odd transition midway through where the LD had to be flipped.

Originally, I'd hoped to simply clean-up the DVD and upscale it to 16x9...but that became impossible. Upon analyzing the disc's video, it turns out there is a weird "drift" in the fields which causes things to images into subsequent frames and kills any chance it restoring it to 24fps progressive.

Using a copy of the original Vestron LD release, I've made a new transfer of Trancers, converted it to NTSC progressive, upscaled/matted it to 16x9, tweaked the color timing and saturation, and processed the hell out of it. In fact, I hated having to denoise it as much as I did, but the Vestron LD isn't much better than the official DVDs. And, my LaserDisc play is sadly below par.

The result is Trancers: Enhanced Edition.

NTSC, 23.979
16x9 Matted to 1.66:1 (roughly, slightly pillarboxed)
English Mono Audio
No Subtitles






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