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Topher Grace releases "Star Wars" supercut trailer


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I believe this qualifies as fan editing news, but mods, feel free to move this if it's a better spot.

Topher Grace, who secured his place in fan editing history back in 2012 when he created a 85-minute 3-in-1 cut of the Star Wars prequels (has it been 7 years already?), has just released a Star Wars trailer called "Always," encompassing all 10 live-action theatrical films.

It looks like this is the extent of the project; there's no indication that he intends to release anything beyond this. But it's super cool, and it's a good reminder that even the prequels are visually stunning when edited together with the other movies. 

While this trailer shows great editing skills more than anything else, Grace has been trying to get into directing for some time. I wonder if this was his way of getting Lucasfilm's attention to get a directing spot on one of the upcoming Disney+ live-action shows, and possibly move up from there.

Whatever the case, it's a ton of fun to watch. Enjoy!

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