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Thor: Ragnarok - Sakaaran Edition:


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The sakaaran edit was very fun to watch. I really enjoyed the alternate odin death scene where we see him in new york instead of Norway. This version gives a more dramatic entrance for Hela and gives the audience a reason to want her stopped. It's much clearer to us that she is the bad guy and not a misunderstood child we could have seen her as previously. The removal of dr strange scenes were also a success. I did however notice a reinserted scene that hadn't been fully cgi completed by marvel so there was an awkward part with bats flying around the room after meeting the grand master that should have been left out as they make the overall cut look less professional. I also thought the grandmasters hand gestures sequence could have been removed as that went on far too long. I appreciate the editor was aiming for the longest possible version but these parts didnt add anything to the plot and took away some interest

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