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long time fan of T84, and a 60% appreciator of T11. i was excited for the concept of this fan edit. it did not disappoint. While i absolutely love the original (despite acknowledging the effects are getting a little dated), i somewhat cringe at the idea of losing any moments of it in an alternative version. but what Wraith did was wonderful. the back & forth sequencing was very well plotted out, and pretty much flawlessly implemented. as a fan editor myself, i appreciate how long it can take to map out that kind of concept, as well as the skill & patience to make the details blend. so i have developed huge respect for Wraith on this. is the quality of visual/special effects noticeable between the two timelines? of course. no getting around that. too bad the T11 movie didn't do more practical effects with cgi to enhance parts of those models (like the new Dark Crystal series on Netflix: stayed true to the original look, but just enhanced it). and there is still ambiguity about Kate's fate, though it seems there'd be no way to survive the cold. but those are problems forced by the film makers, and this review is supposed to be just about the narrative mashup, and the delivery just simply works. the only 2 critiques i could give are minor, and do not detract from the experience enough to warrant a big markdown. (1) Joel Edgerton getting back in the snow cat near the end: the coloring seemed odd, but with that part being necessary, i can't think what else could've been done with it. (2) i was surprised that the few seconds of Bennings seen being absorbed in the storage room was cut. of all the effects moments to cut, that was one that still looked really good. the only thing i can think is that Wraith was trying to shave off any seconds he could to keep the runtime manageable, and this still completed that moment's narrative. again, i'd call this fan edit a huge success, and will probably only watch this version in the future, whenever i undoubtedly get that itch. Super great work, Wraith! with this one being a decade old, i can't wait to watch your newer works & see how you've gotten even better at your craft.

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