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The Story of The Empire Strikes Back



Faneditor Name: MoveAlong
Original Movie Title: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Fanedit Type: Special Projects
Original Release Date: 1980
Original Running Time: 127 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: August 2007
Fanedit Running Time: 45 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
“The Story of The Empire Strikes Back” was an audio LP following the adventures of Luke Skywalker during TESB. Now this recording has been visualized using movie scenes and images. Spectacular!

In 1980, millions of people all over the world flocked to movie theaters to experience the most eagerly anticipated sequel of all time, The Empire Strikes Back. With the first home video release of Empire still 4 years away, fans yearning to relive the film at home were able to spin their turntables and listen to the vinyl LP record “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker”. This album followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, “The Story of Star Wars”, by combining the original actors’ dialogue, sound effects, and John Williams’ musical score into a wonderfully edited and condensed version of the film. Veteran TV actor Malachi Throne completed the album with excellent narration. Listeners were able to use their imaginations and follow along with the album while viewing assorted pictures from the film on the inside of the album cover. Syncing the album’s audio with a variety of video sources, this DVD brings those album cover pictures to life and gives viewers yet another way to enjoy the finest film in the Star Wars trilogy….

Additional Notes:
This release’s main star is without question the audio. Scotty Balls supplied a new lossless vinyl capture to serve as this project’s foundation. It sounds so good that it’s easy to forget you’re listening to a vinyl source. This uncompressed audio was synced to official 2004 and GOUT NTSC DVD video. Where editing required, pans and zooms or stills were used, mainly in narration passages. Most of the offensive SE elements have been removed and is probably 99% SE-free. Color correction was utilized in an attempt to improve the bizarre blue cast of the 2004 DVD and better blend with the GOUT. The opening 20th Century Fanfare video was taken from The Omen (1976). Fanfare, end credit, and dvd menu music was taken from the 1993 Star Wars Trilogy Anthology boxset. Rebel_1138 created the excellent custom title crawl. And finally, Coov helped immensely with his collaboration on the case cover artwork. Special features include theatrical teasers and trailers from the EditDroid team and a video version of the 1980 Read Along 7″ album using audio captured by Scotty Balls. The theatrical trailers that were 4:3 have been pillarboxed and re-encoded anamorphically for proper aspect ratio on both 4:3 and 16:9 sets. I recommend having the EditDroid Special Features 4-disc set in your collection.

Special Thanks:
I would like to thank everyone who has knowingly or unknowingly helped with this or past projects: Scotty Balls, Rebel_1138, Coov, russs15, Galactus, Jambe Davdar, Sluggo, digitalfreaknyc, bigbaddaddyvader, SKot, Laserman, Rikter, EditDroid team, and of course Jay, Zion, and Moth3r for running originaltrilogy.com. Sorry to anyone I may have forgotten.
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