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The Producers (2005) Extended


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I made a fan edit of The Producers, with all of the deleted scenes added in.

The following deleted scenes have been added:
00:03:24 - 00:08:45  'The King of Broadway'
00:29:34 - 00:30:04  'I Wanna Be a Producer' (extended version)
00:41:32 - 00:42:45  'In Old Bavaria'
00:51:48 - 00:52:04  'Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop' Reprise
01:16:48 - 01:18:34  'Along Came Bialy' (extended version)
01:28:04 - 01:29:55  'That Face' Reprise
01:45:39 - 01:47:04  Astor Bar

All these scenes are from the Broadway musical, except for "Astor Bar", which is similar to the bar scene in the original 1967 film. I think most of the scenes were cut to make the film less rude and more politically correct. So if you're a fan of the Broadway musical, and of Mel Brooke's irreverent humour, this edit is for you!

I managed to edit in all of the deleted scenes seamlessly, apart from in 'I Wanna Be a Producer' where there were 6 frames missing. I blended the frames together, and it doesn't look too bad.

The deleted scenes are of lower quality than the theatrical scenes, but they're still acceptable. I cropped and stretched the deleted scenes very slightly to match the theatrical. And a few of them needed some slight adjustments to the audio levels.

I used the USA BluRay as my source. I downmixed the theatrical audio to 2.0, as the deleted scenes are only available in 2.0. The project was edited in full REMUX quality using DaVinci Resolve, exported as ProRes and AIFF, and then converted to AVC and FLAC with Handbrake to make a 14 GB MKV.
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