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The Menu - An Arbitrary Course

Bobson Dugnutt

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No, it's not arbitrary. Nothing in this kitchen is arbitrary.

A simple little extended cut, with some extra little setups in the first act, and another little piece with Margot and the Chef later on. Nothing too complex. Let's cook!


- added scene on the boat to the island with Lillian providing some backstory to Chef Slowik, and how he got the island
- added scene during the tour, with the setup of the Lebrants being regular patrons of the resturant, and Elsa talking more about the experience
- added scene with Margot using the CB radio, and afterwards talking to Chef Slowik about life, his plan and the death of a character

Theatrical - 1:47:01
Extended - 1:51:04



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I'm definetily curious to check how the film works with the added scenes
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