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The Island (Custom Built Edition)


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The edit:
Really good. Again there were no hard cuts, no flaws to the image or the scenes, the plot was complete and had a nice flow to it. There were 2 scenes in which for whatever reasons people stutter mechanically, which I consider audio flaws, but they are minor and did not distract to much from the movie. This for sure is a nice fanedit. On the entertainment level I was not totally happy with this, because I still felt unsatisfied after watching it, which I refer to a rather weak ending and still too much and way over the top action scenes. The turn of the Special Ops guy... I didn't buy it. The truck chase with that flying motorcycle... terrible and not thrilling. I think there should have been more editing done to make it a more believable and more serious movie.
editing: 4 of 5,
entertainment: 3 of 5

Image quality:
The conversion to h264 did cost a tiny little bit of sharpness, still the image quality, especially for a fanedit is superb.
video quality: 5 of 5

Audio quality:
Now the audio was reduced to 128bit stereo, which shows a bit, but is not destracting at all. There are two slight audio flaws when people talk and they repeat their first word, which sounds like a mechanical stutter, probably caused by editing and trying to keep the audio in sync. Still the audio was very good, which is a relief compared to so many other fanedits.
audio: 4 of 5

The DVD:
Well, I created it myself, so I cannot rate it.

resulting in a 4 of 5 overall rating from me. This is a very good fanedit and definitely a huge improvement over the original and again shows a lot of talent and expertise from the faneditor GEKKO. The movie still is no masterpiece and I think it could be further improved, but what we get here is already a rather good movie, which still lacks due to the amount of unfitting action scenes, when the story could have been so much more like a science fiction drama. Still the release as quicktime movies is not perfect, especially compared to others who care to deliver more than just the movie, but also the atmosphere of a true DVD experience. I also missed end credits. This may not be necessary, but it makes me feel good, if I can think about the movie while a cool final song is running and maybe get some further info on what was done, on names and whatever else there is to tell.


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Thanks for the review. I agree it's just not a great movie. There's only so much you can do with a Michael Bay movie (have I mentioned what a dissapointment Transformers was?).

Can you tell me where the audio flaws were? I didn't think there were any but maybe I missed some.


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I have to agree with Boon. I like this version over the original, because I hated the blatant product placement, and in this one, I don't miss it.

4 out of 5 for me.


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by geKKo
What is it about? The Island is your typical Michael Bay movie - outrageous action sequences, redundant exposition, quick cut MTV style editing, lame attempts at humor, and abundant product placement.

Tagline: The life you think you had, never happened.

Original film name: The Island
New film name: The Island (Custom Built Edition)
Film studio name: Universal Pictures
Edit crew name: geKKo
Date original film was released: July 22, 2005
Date edit was released: October 12, 2007
Original runtime: 2h 10m (without credits)
New runtime: 1h 39m
Amount of time Cut/Added: 31 minutes

Cuts removed/added/extended:
- Removed Lincoln finding the moth.
- Removed McCord seeing agnate extraction.
- Removed Xbox hologram fight.
- Removed McCord explaining what Lincoln/Jordan really are.
- Removed scenes where Sarah Jordan is shown to be a model/actress/whatever.
- Removed crash through building and hanging off building logo.
- Removed Gandu 3 Echo death scene.
- Removed Merrick ordering the disposal of defective product.
- Removed Merrick vs Lincoln fight.
- Lots of other minor cuts to improve pacing. In total, over 70 cuts!
Fanedit details:
Video: 720 x 352, H.264, 1800kbps
Audio: 48kHz, AAC, 128kbps, Stereo

Your intention for this fanedit:
Speed up the pace and keep the intensity level up.

Hardware and software information:
Final Cut Pro 6

Additional Comment:
The Island is your typical Michael Bay movie - outrageous action sequences, redundant exposition, quick cut MTV style editing, lame attempts at humor, and abundant product placement.

Why certain scenes were cut:
The Xbox hologram fight game sequence was nothing more than a Microsoft product placement and had little to do with the story.

Lincoln/Jordan crashing through a building and surviving a fall from several hundred feet was a bit difficult to believe, which is ironic in a movie about clones and flying rocket bikes.

Sarah Jordan was revealed to be a model/actress who's posed in Maxim magazine (more product placement perhaps). It really had no relevance to the story other than to tell us that Scarlett Johansson is hot, but I think most people already know that.

The climactic face-off between Lincoln and Merrick felt too much like an old James Bond movie. Where else would you see the evil CEO get into hand-to-hand combat with someone who's about to bring down the company? We can assume he was eventually fired, arrested, or whatever.

The movie could reasonably end after Lincoln/Jordan sleep together and fade to black. The final 20 minutes is just your typical action filled prison break sequence. However, it does bring some closure to the Laurent character.

The Island had the potential of being so much more than what it was. It had hints of The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Logan's Run. But ultimately it relies on cliched action movie devices and the ending doesn't quite payoff from the setup. Hopefully this edit at least tightens up the story and improves the overall pace.
Time needed for the edition:
4 days

persons involved:

Additional information links:


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