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The Exorcist: The Devil and Father Karras (TM2YC)


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During a recent rewatch of the extended cut of 'The Exorcist' I got the idea to make a fanmix of the film.

'The Exorcist: The Devil and Father Karras' aims to shift the focus of the film away from Chris and Regan and onto Father Karras, Kinderman and the other priest characters. 18-minutes is cut but enough is retained to chart Regan's possession. Much of those scenes are a "wild goose chase" anyway, showing the Doctors trying unsuccessfully to cure Regan.

Re-watching the extended "Version You've Never Seen" cut of 'The Exorcist', I noticed that the extra redundant scenes slowed the pace and put more focus onto Chris and Regan, to the detriment of the most interesting character Father Karras, Kinderman and the other priests. So I immediately started wondered how the film would play with the opposite approach. It's not intended to improve the film, just to create a different way of watching it. The title is partly a reference to William Friedkin's latest exorcism film 'The Devil and Father Amorth'. The primary source is the 'Theatrical Cut', with additional material added from the 'Version You've Never Seen'/'Director's Cut'.)

Editing Details:
- Many scenes not featuring Karras, Kinderman and the other priests have been cut. Enough material has been kept to show Regan;s escalating possession.
- No scenes featuring Karras and/or Merrin have been cut.
- All extra 'Director's Cut' scenes featuring Karras and Merrin have been included.
- The 'Director's Cut' intro has been used.
- This cut broadly uses the 'Theatrical Cut' ending but with a couple of extra 'Director's Cut' shots. Dyer retains the medallion and waves to Regan but does not speak to Kinderman.

Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added TM2YC and FE.org titlecards.
00.00.17 - Replaced 2000 Warner Bros. logo with vintage logo (from 'Enter the Dragon').
00.00.27 - Added 30 second Georgetown/statue introduction from the 'Director's Cut'.
00.10.42 - Added dissolve from Georgetown wide, to filming location. Flipped shot horizontally so it matches wide shot. Remade "Georgetown" title so it plays over new shot.
00.10.47 - Removed 2.5 minute sequence of Chris at home worrying about rats.
00.13.51 - Removed 1.5 minute sequence of Chris and Regan talking about a horse. Trimmed following train shot and mixed sound of plane and train together.
00.18.13 - Removed 3.5 minute sequence of Chris and Regan playing with the Ouija board and talking about Burke.
00.19.22 - Removed 4 minute sequence of Chris investigating the loft.
00.27.29 - Removed 30 second scene of Chris talking to Regan in bed.
00.31.18 - Removed 5 minute sequence of the doctors doing a brain scan on Regan.
00.38.44 - Added 30 second "spider walk" scene from the 'Director's Cut'.
00.39.56 - Removed a mention of "Captain Howdy" by the psychiatrist because the Ouija board scene where it was setup has been deleted.
01.07.25 - Added 1 minute scene of Karras listening to audio tapes from the 'Director's Cut'.
01.19.56 - Added 1 minute scene of Chris and Merrin sat talking from the 'Director's Cut'.
01.22.12 - Added 20 second scene of Merrin asking Chris about Regan's middle name from the 'Director's Cut'.
01.32.12 - Added 1 minute scene of Karras and Merrin talking on the stairs from the 'Director's Cut'.
01.44.00 - Replaced the 'Theatrical Cut' version of Dyer watching Regan leave with the 'Director's Cut' version of them exchanging friendly waves. Also used the 'Director's Cut' version of Dyer looking down the steps to remove a weird fault with the window in the 'Theatrical Cut' transfer. 10 seconds added.
01.48.14 - Again replaced 2000 Warner Bros. logo with vintage logo (from 'Enter the Dragon') and added fanedit titlecard.

Original 'Theatrical Cut' runtime: 122 minutes
Fanedit runtime: 108 minutes
Time added: 4 minutes
Time cut: 18 minutes

I went with a 'Let it Be' inspired DVD cover:


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