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The Downloading, Unpacking, and Watching Fanedits Assistance Thread


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mnkykungfu said:
Thatstinkyguy said:
Does anyone have the password for the RARs of this edit from downloading it through the .info DLC file?

Maybe "fanedit.info" or "fanedit.com" or with capitalized letters? Or "password"? Oh, and let us not forget the gospel of Hackers (1995):
I'm afraid none of these or variations work either. Thank you for the suggestions (and the movie clip).

- Thatstinkyguy


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Hey, all--I'm embarrassed to say I am new to this and no previous post has solved an issue I am having.
I get the link and extract using winrar. That gets me a an mkv or dlc file that I then download using Jdownloader...

But then I usually have a giant batch of rar files (video files, audio files, etc) that I do not know what to do with. I can't get them to form a cohesive whole, or open them as one film file. Is this done in Jdownloader? Do I have to put these in winrar or 7zip after the download? do i have to get a transcoder?

Thanks, and sorry for the dumb question


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I'm for sure no expert, but this sounds like it might be an issue with how you have J-downloader set up. It took me a while to figure out my settings there, but I have it to now where any links I add automatically start downloading. When they finish, they're set to automatically unzip and open in a container folder.

Before that, when I did it manually, I would have a bunch of separate rar files like what you're talking about, and have to highlight them all and use winrar to extract and create a folder. Assuming no pieces are missing and everything downloaded correctly, those are still good, but it is reassuring to see the final mp4 or mkv file with the movie's name already waiting for you when you check back on Jdownloader. So maybe try changing your settings to achieve that.
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