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Superman: The Last Son Of Krypton the SteveJo86 Cut


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Superman: The Last Son Of Krypton the SteveJo86 Cuttagline: ?The way it was intended to be?

original film name: Superman: The Movie/ Superman 2
new film name : Superman: The Last Son Of Krypton
film studio name : Warner Brothers
edit crew name :
Date Original Film Was Released : 1978/1980/2006
Date Edit Was Released : 2007
Original Runtime : 146 minutes/123 minutes/115 minutes = 384 minutes
New Runtime : 180 minutes
Amount of time Cut/Added : 204 minutes cut

Cuts removed/added/extended :

1. Rearranged STM opening credtis to begin after krypton explodes & then continue the movie after that
2. Cut Clark running along side train in smallville
3. Cut Otis & police on train tracks
4. Cut all scenes with Lex Luthor after Clark & Lois leave her apartment. The scene cuts straight to Clark at the daily planet hearing Lex Luthor's call
5. Movie stays as is until we get to Superman stoping the missile, where I replace is with perfection to the S2 donner cut version of the film with Superman throwing the missile into space & freeing Zod. then cuts straight to the second missile hitting california & movie continues as normal
6. Superman saves the day & Lois doesn't die in this version
7. once Superman takes Lex & Ottis to jail we cut straight to Perry in Planet looking at newspaper from S2 donner cut


8. Cut Clark saying Lois what have you done when Lois falls out of window. It's not Chris & that's obvious. ( donner cut )
9. Lex & Ottis in jail talking about the little black box ( donner cut )
10. Zod & Co on moon ( donner cut )
11. Lex & Otis escape from jail ( Donner Cut )
12. Lois & Clark check into Motel & see thier room ( Lester Cut )
13. Lex & Miss Teschmacher go to Fortress ( Donner Cut )
14. Cut Miss Teshmacher flushing the toilet in fortress ( Donner Cut )
15. Lois & Clark at niagra falls/ Superman saves kid ( Donner Cut )
16. Zod & Co land on earth ( Donner Cut )
17. Clark trips over pink bear & Lois finds out Clark is Superman ( Lester Cut )
18. Ursa Burns snake with heat vision ( Donner Cut )
19. Superman & Lois fly to fortress ( Donner Cut )
20. Zod & Co confront 2 police officers ( Donner Cut )
21. Superman & Lois having dinner in fortress ( Donner Cut )
22. Military attack Zod & Co in small town ( Donner Cut )
23. Lois & Superman have sex before he loses his power ( Donner Cut )
24. Superman relinquiches his power with Jor El being present ( Donner Cut )
25. Zod & Co attack the white house ( Donner Cut )
26. Clark get beat up in diner ( Donner Cut )
27. Lex offering his services to Zod & Co in white house ( Donner Cut )
28. Superman gets power back from Jor El ( Donner Cut )
29. Zod & Co infiltrate the Daily Planet ( Donner Cut )
30. General, would you care to step outside ( Lester Cut )
31. Superman flies to building & lands ( Donner Cut )
32. I'm not a coward zod ( Lester Version )
33. Metropolis battle ( Donner cut )
34. Zod & Co return to daily planet to announce thier victory over Superman ( Lester Cut )
35. Flying to fortress ( Donner cut )
36. Landing in fortress & fortress battle ( Lester Cut )
37. Cut the silophane 'S' throw from Superman to non ( Lester Cut )
38. Superman flying away from fortress & talking to Lois about thier relationship ( Donner Cut )
39. Cut Superman destroying the fortress ( Donner Cut )
40. Superman gives Lois the Superkiss memory wipe ( Lester Cut )
41. Superman gets revenge on guy in bar ( Donner Cut )
42. Superman smiling at camera in space ( Superman the movie version )

Fanedit details (please add here details about DVD contents as well as video and audio information):pAL,DVD FULL,Menu, No Commentary, English audio, Stereo audio

Your intention for this fanedit: To make one complete movie the way I would have liked to see it

Your way to achieve your intention: combining 1 & 2 with cuts here & there to take down the runtime

Hardware and software information (what did you use to create your fanedit): DVD Lab pro, Womble Mpeg Video wizard, DVD decryptor & Cyberlink Power DVD

Additional Comment:

Time needed for the edition:2 days

persons involved: 1

Additional information links: SUPERMAN 1 http://imdb.com/title/tt0078346/

SUPERMAN 2: http://imdb.com/title/tt0081573/

SUPERMAN 2 Donner Cut: http://imdb.com/title/tt0839995/

Maybe downloadable from info


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When will this be available in NTSC format? And is it split into two DVDs or expertly made to fit on one?
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