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Superman Movies


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What's everyone's opinions on the Superman films (new and old)? I've been reviewing them on my blogspot for the past year (Posting them to Reddit as well), and I've made it all the way through BvSUE. I've found something of value in all of them except for Superman III, and I've greatly enjoyed the rest (Especially the Donner original and his cut of II as well as the Snyder films, yeah go ahead boo me). If you wanna check those out, my Superman 1 review is at the following link, and after that I'd recommend going through them in order:

I'm also finishing up the Justice League (Both versions) Review. After that I'll break from CBMs to finish up my Classic Megadeth album retrospective, and then I'm moving on to tackle the Alien series.



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Superman and the Mole Men is the best live-action Superman film ever made.

Fuck the Donnerverse. And the DCEU can die in a fire.
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