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Stephen King's THE MIST - The Novella Cut - V2


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Hey Again, Everyone...

I know it's been YEARS since I was here posting, or since I had time to attend to V 2.0 of my fan edit of 2007 Frank Darabont production of 'The Mist'...BUT...

I finally took the time to attend to the elements you good folks here on these boards mentioned that perhaps needed to be reworked and fixed (well, MOST of the things you mentioned...I still kept the final shot of the mist covered planet, as that's how I read the finale in the original text, personally), including the picture issues (new edit is taken from the original rip from DVD, now picture fully fills the screen) audio points (added some new details, edited some to fix problems) and I added several new scenes to the finale, extending the atmosphere and lending to the pacing so it is not as 'rushed' as I felt it was previously...

Would love to get the new edit reviewed, if possible, as you were all very supportive RE my first effort...please let me know if anyone is still interested in this edit, as again, I realize it HAS been many years since I posted regarding the first version I did...

The new, extended ending can be seen here:

Many thanks in advance....

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