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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (v3) by Darth Editous


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Faneditor Name: Darth Editous
Original Movie Title: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Original Release Date: 1977
Original Running Time: 121 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: January 2007
Fanedit Running Time: 121 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
Taking the 2004 DVD as source, this wasn’t an effort to recreate the original version of A NEW HOPE, but rather to create a hybrid that is truly improved.

Cuts and Additions:

01. The receeding Star Wars logo has been slowed down to its correct speed.
02. The bottom left corner of the opening crawl has been straightened.
03. Laser blasts in the opening shot have been repainted.
04. A jump cut after C3PO and R2D2 cross the corridor has been fixed.
05. Another jump cut as R2 rolls away from Leia has been fixed.
06. Another jump cut as R2 rolls towards the escape pod has been fixed.
07. A white flap of material behind a wall as the Stormtroopers spot Leia has been painted out/.
08. R2′s arm now contacts the lower half of the pod door, fixing a continuity error in the next shot.
09. The stars in the view from the escape window no longer recede.
10. Scenes of the droids in the desert have been desaturated.
11. Vader no longer adopts his “pantomime” stance when Leia is brought before him.
12. R2′s restraining bolt no longer changes position between shots.
13. C3PO no longer “blinks” as he stands up in the sandcrawler.
14. The SE scenes of Stormtroopers on Tatooine have been removed, although one distant CGI Dewback remains. The preceeding shot of the sandcrawler has been shortened.
15. An extraneous wire on the back of C3PO’s head has been painted out.
16. Some of Owen’s lines have been re-equalised.
17. The red R2 unit which reappears in the line up after blowing up has been painted green.
18. The shot of Luke going outside to watch the sunset has been brightened.
19. Luke now says “Look” instead of “Lookit” in the speeder.
20. A bad cut in the music as the Sandpeople mount their Bantha has been smoothed.
21. A continuity problem with a disappearing wall hanging in Ben’s hut has been fixed.
22. When Luke first activates Anakin’s lightsabre, morphs hide the jump cut. The lightsabre now visibly extends.
23. The humanoid loading droid and the flying probe droid it hits have been painted out.
24. A small stone that rolls along the ground behind Ben has been painted out.
25. The scene involving Jawas riding a Ronto has been cut.
26. Some problems with the shadow of the speeder as it pulls up to the cantina have been fixed.
27. A ship in the background of the same shot now passes behind a foreground moisture vaporator.
28. Kabe (the bat-like creature in the cantina) has had his transparent eye painted out.
29. Greedo’s subtitles are now burnt into the picture.
30. Greedo frowns at the end of his last line.
31. Han fires first and, since version 3, fires only once.
32. The single frame of Greedo before he explodes now matches his established appearance.
33. Jabba’s scene has been cut.
34. Ben’s line after the above cut has been properly synced.
35. The Falcon’s radar dish has been added to the establishing shot of the docking bay.
36. A glimpse of Ben’s back, after he has already left the Falcon’s cockpit, has been painted out.
37. The Falcon now manouevres as the Star Destroyer chases it.
38. The stars now drift as in a previous shot just before the Falcon jumps into hyperspace.
39. The Falcon has been replaced as it goes into hyperspace (the original was poorly composited).
40. The poor projection of Alderaan in front of Tarkin has been replaced.
41. Much of Tarkin’s dialogue has been re-equalised.
42. A jump cut in the stars’ motion has been smoothed as the Death Star fires.
43. All lightsabre shots on the Falcon have been recoloured, and in many cases the blade has been shortened.
44. Two jump cuts, as Luke deactivates and then reactivates the lightsabre, have been fixed.
45. Vader no longer gestures in silence as he talks with Tarkin.
46. A gap in the glow from the Death Star docking bay lights has been filled.
47. Stars appearing through Darth Vader’s head have been painted out as he approaches the Falcon.
48. The Stormtrooper’s DVD-added line “There’s no-one here.” has been removed.
49. Jump cuts as the docking bay control room door opens and closes have been fixed (as well as the wobbling door).
50. The shirt of an imperial officer who passes Han, Chewie, and Luke at the elevator no longer changes colour between shots.
51. Two shots of a badly patched up elevator door in the detention block have been fixed.
52. A glimpse of the skin of one Stormtrooper’s neck has been painted out.
53. A stray hair that appears across Leia’s forehead after a very short cut-away has been removed.
54. The line “I had it all under control until you led us down here!” has been replaced by a better-quality version from the SE LDs.
55. When the shot cuts to Leia, ambient sound has been extended to smooth a bad sound cut.
56. The Stormtrooper no longer bumps his head as he enters the control room.
57. A jump cut as R2 rolls out of the cupboard has been fixed.
58. Two overhead shots of Ben at the tractor beam controls have had the colour of the matte painting adjusted to better match the set.
59. A single frame of Han’s gun beginning to fire before a cut-away to Leia has been painted out.
60. The sounds of what sounds like Luke spitting has been removed (after the line “What good will it do us if he gets himself killed? Come on.”).
61. A jump cut as the door leading to the unextended bridge has been fixed.
62. Some blue colouring in the corner of the screen as Ben approaches Vader has been removed.
63. A jump cut as Ben activates his lightsabre has been fixed (it was partially fixed for the DVD).
64. Two shots where the power cable for Ben’s lightsabre was visible have been fixed.
65. Several lightsabre errors (bad colouring, disappearing blades, blades swapping colours) have been fixed.
66. Two shots where lightsabre burn marks are visible before the wall is struck have been fixed.
67. Ben’s face can now be seen fading away as Vader cuts him down.
68. When Han asks “You in kid?”, Luke now responds “Yeah.”
69. The artifical shake effect used as the TIE fighters buzz the Falcon has been fixed.
70. A gap in the glow from the Falcon’s engines (possibly caused by the motion control rig) has been filled in.
71. A brief glimpse of someone’s head appearing behind R2 on the Falcon has been painted out.
72. Two shots of miscoloured TIE fighters have been fixed.
73. Several matte boxes around the TIE fighters have been painted out.
74. One shot of a TIE fighter has been reframed to remove a black area with no visible
75. As the Falcon approaches Yavin IV, what may be part of the motion control rig has been painted out.
76. A tool knocked off a cart by a technician has been painted out.
77. The Death Star schematic has been corrected so that the weapon dish appears above the equatorial trench.
78. Biggs’s scene has been cut.
79. All shots of the Death Star’s attack clock now show a realistic countdown, and one has been colour corrected to match the others. The final shot of the countdown has been redone for version 3 to match the speed of the countdown to the other shots.
80. Shots of R2 in space have been coloured so that he no longer appears black.
81. A stationary white speck that appears in two cockpit shots has been painted out.
82. Stray hair has been painted out in two shots of Tarkin.
83. The fanfare (missing on the DVD) that accompanies the dive down onto the surface of the Death Star has been restored (it was still present in the rear channels).
84. Two trench shots showing blue “space” have been corrected.
85. Two shots showing grey “space” (as first Red Leader, then Wedge, exits the trench) have been corrected.
86. An X-Wing has been added to shot of the explosion as Red Leader crashes on the surface of the Death Star.
87. Some bad blue screening has been mitigated (when Luke says “You can’t do any more good back there!”).
88. A smudge on the lens visible in one trench shot has been removed.
89. The shot of Luke looking over his shoulder have been reframed, so as not to reveal an unexploded R2.
90. One of two identical shots of Vader’s tumbling TIE fighter has been replaced with the other to remove some stray artefacts.
91. The video-noise blue sparkling around the exploded Death Star has been fixed.
92. Vader’s eyes, visible underneath his helmet, have been blurred out.
93. A shot showing one rebel raising his hand behind Chewbacca has been painted out.
94. Leia’s hands no longer start to move a few frames before the end credits.
95. Denis Lawson’s name is now spelt correctly in the end credits.


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All clear. Don't remember seeing this one.

TV's Frink

You Catch On Pretty Quick
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I can't imagine this didn't have a thread at some point. Pruned, maybe?


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Bump. Is there anyone who has this edit? I've even looked to the source himself, but apparently even Darth Editous doesn't have a copy :( Does anyone on God's beautiful earth still have a copy of this? Thanks.


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benduwan said:
can´t pm him but i like to watch it.

Hi benduwan,

Glad to see your interest in a fellow community members edit. Please remember to use the Trade & Request forum if you would like to request an edit.


Below are some general guidelines for requesting edits.
The Rule Master said:
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[font=Raleway, sans-serif]First, don’t post fanedit.info updates in the forums. Second, don’t PM a fanedit.org administrator about fanedit.info. It’s not our site and not our responsibility. Sometimes it goes down as sites tend to do. Wait awhile and then try again. If you are in a hurry to find an edit send a Private Message to the editor to ask for the links. If no response, go to the Trades and Requests forum.[/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif]There’s a fanedit I want but can’t find. What should I do?
Older fanedits are sometimes difficult to find. First try contacting the faneditor to see if he or she can help. If you can’t find a way of contacting them, or they aren’t responding then feel free to ask in the Trade & Request Forum. That is the only forum in which you should be making requests for fanedits.[/font]

[font=Raleway, sans-serif]I’ve tried contacting the editor but they are ignoring me. Why?
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Regarding the cutlist. 
The good: Nice use of the trademark symbol. Classy. 
The bad: Try reformatting your apostrophes and quotation marks. 

Seriously, there are so many slight changes that I would probably have to watch it before I knew if it was an improvement that I wanted. 

MCP said:
31. Han fires first and, since version 3, fires only once. 

Han should really fire WAY more than just once. Greedo should be Swiss cheese when he's done. At least 47 times!  :p


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iridium_ionizer said:
Regarding the cutlist. 
The good: Nice use of the trademark symbol. Classy. 
The bad: Try reformatting your apostrophes and quotation marks. 

Seriously, there are so many slight changes that I would probably have to watch it before I knew if it was an improvement that I wanted. 

MCP said:
31. Han fires first and, since version 3, fires only once. 

Han should really fire WAY more than just once. Greedo should be Swiss cheese when he's done. At least 47 times!  :p
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