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Star Wars: Episode II.V - The Separatist Conspiracy:


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I am a huge fan of the original Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars cartoon, and I agree with Gleem's points on how disjointed it feels given the way that it aired. I think they did a great job cutting this down into cohesive story beats that matter to the overall plot line in the mainline Star Wars films. Many of the side stories that never get brought up again and the edit focuses in on the major plotlines that flesh out characters like General Grievous (I still remember when he was first revealed in this show and I believe it is still his strongest appearance in the entire series), Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and Anakin. This is definitely going into my playlist for re-watches of the Star Wars series and a fantastic first edit for Gleem to boot! I highly recommend this edit to anyone who is interested in watching the series again or even for the first time!

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