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Star Wars – The Interactive Board Game DVD – a film by Daveytod


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by Daveytod
What is it aboutThese are the unique and especially for this game shot movie sequences from the board game, combined to one movie.

original film name: Star Wars – The Interactive Board Game DVD (Parker Bros)
studio name: Parker Bros, Hasbro
Date Edit Was Released: no date given
Runtime: 58 min

DVD – Features:

1. Type……………..: Movie
Platform………….: Video_TS folder
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Main Movie Runtime…: 58 min 14 sec
Chapters………….: 41
Size……………..: 1.81 GB
2. Stills Gallery

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

Star Wars – The Interactive Board Game DVD

Star Wars: The Interactive Video Game Board was a board game created by Hasbro in 1996. It is notable for
including a VHS tape of newly shot scenes of Darth Vader walking down the halls of the Death Star.
For the new scenes, Hasbro brought back David Prowse to play Vader and James Earl Jones to do the voice of Vader. Some of the crew from A New Hope, including original director of photography Gilbert Taylor,
returned as well to shoot the scenes.

Included here is the entire VHS broken down into 41 chapters to coincide with Vader’s appearances.

Also included is a stills gallery containing photos of the box and contents as well as scans of the instructions.

This is a daveytod release. Please seed for as long as possible or distribute the disc to as many people as you can.

Enjoy, and thanks for watching.

persons involved: Compiled and edited and authored by daveytod

Frantic Canadian

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I just downloaded this the other day and took a quick look through it and it seems like this is nothing more than a VHS-to-DVD transfer. Doesn't this fall under the "officially released preservation" banner which would make it unsafe here? What's the difference between this and any other VHS-to-DVD transfer?
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