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Star Trek Beyond: To Explore Strange New Worlds:


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The edited Swarm vs. Enterprise is a masterclass in less-is-more action editing. It flows better, feels more urgent, but still packs the visual punch we expect. In general, this is true for the entire fanedit, though some less-than-seamless audio edits betray several cuts and draw attention to the process. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this edit. It's at least as good as the original, and flows along with better purpose. AUDIO/VIDEO QUALITY For the file size (3+ GB) the quality was acceptable on both fronts. AUDIO EDITING The vast majority of the changes go unnoticed (in a good way), though there were several that drew my attention to the editing and took me out of the experience momentarily. A few subtle pops were present, though they were not especially distracting. VISUAL EDITING As with the audio, there were likely dozens (or more) video cuts and changes that breezed by unnoticed, but I did see one flash frame, two small continuity issues, and a cut to the action that left me wondering about the fate of a character for more five minutes (only to find him totally unharmed in his next scene but without any mention or flashback to his close call). NARRATIVE The story flows better, with fewer dead-ends, and I didn't once feel like I was missing anything. ENJOYMENT I'm afraid it remains the weakest of the three Kelvin timeline films for me, and overall I would say my enjoyment of the edit is roughly the same as the original, so I score this 9/10 (8 = less enjoyment, 10 = more enjoyment).

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