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Spectre [REDACTED]


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Original film name: Spectre
Fan edit name: Spectre [REDACTED]
Original run time: 148 minutes
Fan edit run time: 140 minutes
Synopsis: After receiving a message from a dead colleague, 007 undertakes a mission that leads to a discovery that will change everything: the many tentacled organziation known as SPECTRE.
Cut list:
- Cut "The dead are alive" at the beginning.
- New theme song - "Bachelorette" by Bjork.
- Trimmed Bond's meeting with M, removing references to ending the Double-O program. We dealt with that in Skyfall, remember?
- Trimmed the scene with Moneypenny in Bond's flat.
- Cut Bond telling Lucia he does "life insurance" at Sciarra's funeral.
- Cut Lucia telling Bond not to go to the Spectre meeting.
- Cut Bond flipping the "atmosphere" button during the car chase.
- Cut the old man slowing Bond down during the car chase.
- Cut the crows in Mr White's house.
- Cut Mr White telling Bond to "make it quick" and Bond telling him to go upstairs.
- Cut C calling the Double-O program "prehistoric."
- Cut Hinx visting White's house. How he found Bond and Madeleine is nothing that can't be figured out later.
- Cut Bond asking Madeleine about her work history.
- Cut Bond telling Madeleine he "didn't have to" kill her father.
- Cut Bond telling Madeleine her life is in danger.
- Cut Madeleine asking her captors if any of them can speak.
- Cut Madeleine telling Bond and Q that L'American is a place. We see that pretty soon after.
- Cut Madelein telling Bond it's ironic he sent him to her.
- Cut Madeleine saying she sees two Bonds.
- Trimmed M and C talking after Nine Eyes is approved to remove references to ending the Double-O program.
- Cut Bond observing that he doesn't need to teach Madeleine anything about weapons.
- Cut Madeleine's line about what to do next pre-happy-to-be-alive-sex.
- Cut Bond saying they may have a long wait.
- Cut Bond discussing the Rolls Royce.
- Cut Madeleine telling Bond she's scared.
- Cut Oberhauser telling Bond and Madeleine they can touch the meteorite. *shudders*
- Cut Oberhauser mentioning the death of the Double-O program.
- Cut Bond and Oberhauser's exchange about death and prespective.
- Cut M's speech about the fates of glass and spies.
- Cut Oberhauser saying he's the "author of all [Bond's] pain."
- Cut Madeleine telling Bond she loves him during the torture scene.
- Cut M telling Bond it's "good to have [him] back." Uhhh...he never quit.
- Cut Bond confirming the Madeleine is saying goodbye right before the big finale.
- Cut C telling M and Q they're out of a job.
- Cut M saying that he knows what C stands for. Let's let the original assumption stand (since it's not far off).
- Trimmed hesitation at letting M onto the bridge.
- Cut Oberhauser telling Bond to finish him.
- Cut the first part of Bond's line about having something better to do.
- Added custom title at end.
Reiterating what's been mentioned in the current In-The-Works thread, this is the first of two Spectre edits I'm working on. This trims back unnecessary spoon-feeding of information to the audience as well as a few humorous moments that either fell flat or interrupted the flow of the action.

BD25 and MKV versions are available.

And do keep an eye on the ITW thread for updates on the second cut. :-D


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dear aztek, are there any updates on your updating and reuploading your work? I would pretty much enjoy watching your work here. I am looking forward.
Sorry for putting some pressure, and thank you.
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