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Don't know if there are any Smallville fans out there,
but you might want to check out this Fan Created Opening Credits for Season 10.
It is exceptionally well done.

If only the final season was really going to like this.... :smile:



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^^ Much as I like "Save Me" for the high school years, I can dig a change in music... to Williams' theme! 3 Doors Down: fail. :p

IMHO, Smallville jumped the shark with the first post-premiere episode of the third season. The premiere itself was great, but it ended with Lana KILLING a guy (accidentally, but still), which was never mentioned again. Clark accidentally killing is one thing; he has a different perspective on life, but it should have had a serious effect on Lana.

Some good eps followed, including Memoria (the series' single best in terms of standalone dramatic heft, I'm sure), but they had an elegiac quality to them, as if even the creators knew that a sense of innocence had been lost, and it became clear to me that the show was no longer interested in reconciling the comic book mythos-world with any sense of reality whatsoever (we only saw one classroom in the first three years). And without that crucial balancing act, my interest dimmed.

S3's Legacy, the second and final Christopher Reeve appearance, should have been great, but barely made sense. The S3 finale was decent enough, but by that time, I wasn't invested enough to continue. And from what I've read, despite a few decent eps in S8s, the emotionally rich and tantalizingly realistic show I'd identified with (I was a high school sophomore during S1, and, like Clark, had an impossible crush) died at the end of 3.2. In fact, most of what happens after sounds downright depressing, and not "dark in a good way" sense, in the "dear lord, why does Anakin turn completely evil in the course of five minutes" sense. :razz:


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I quite liked the fan made credits. Although I am inclined to agree with Gaith, it really should have been finished seasons ago, I don't like the way they have changed different characters story lines, and really am quite surprised that they have been allowed to. Also this krytonite thing every five minutes is so annoying.


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Fresh from Comic-Con....

Some snuck a video of the big promotion trailer, recapping seasons 1-9, plus a preview of the final season 10...

You see glimpes of the COSTUME, Lois says "Superman", plus lots of neat stuff...

1. The video presentation shows the Superman suit. It's the red, yellow, and blue suit from "Superman Returns".
2. Lois (Erica Durance) says "Superman".

3. DC Comics COO and writer Geoff Johns is penning a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold story for the final season.

4. Darkseid is the main season 10 villain.

5. John Glover's Lionel Luthor will be appearing this season.

6. Green Arrow gets a fantastic new suit.

7. Project: Cadmus is back.

8. Lois does seem to know Clark's secret.

9. Actor Tom Welling will direct an episode again this season.

10. Welling hasn't yet seen or worn the suit during production. We might see a costume change from black during the season.

11. John Schneider, already announced to be returning as Pa Kent, showed up at the panel. "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," he said. Schneider is very happy to be back on set.

12. When asked by a fan if there are any plans for a Justice League spin-off, there was no comment from the panel though Geoff Johns said "Never say never."

13. The show has a "bucket list" of things to do before they end next May. They have a three-year old list they are checking off. The 200th episode in particular will be chock full of resolutions; it will feature glimpses of the past, present, and future.

14. Will Welling fly? The Producers know but they aren't saying.

15. At the end of the series there will be a selection of special clips.

16. Erica Durance will appear as Lois Lane in 22 episodes. Justin Hartley will be in 17 episodes or so and will direct an episode.

17. Will Michael Rosenbaum return as Lex Luthor? The door is open for him to return. If fans want him back, let him know.

18. Welling was asked if he'd been approached for a Superman movie and apparently he has been though he didn't go into specifics.

19. There are still no plans for Wonder Woman or Batman but there will be new heroes this season including the Suicide Squad, Aqualad, and the New Gods.

20. The Johns-penned Blue Beetle and Booster Gold episode will feature Jaime Reyes and yes, Skeets will appear as well.



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Goodbye NEO and hello FLASH GORDON!

Actually, I quite like the new transition suit. Note, they are now slicking back Clark's hair for a cleaner Superman look.

Only two episodes in, and I am totally loving this final season.

Next week..... SUPERGIRL!!!!!!



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One hour and 15 minutes to SUPERGIRL!!!

Sneak peak at the 200th Episode with BRAINIAC 5 from the Legion....



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I actually watched this one - sort of - for the first time since 9.1, when I was considering returning to the show but, utterly baffled at the rapid-fire nonsense, gave up again.

Anyway, an io9 commenter delivered an unimprovable assessment:

Honestly? I'm DVRing it because it is the last season but when I sit down to see it, I'm mostly pressing FF - stop - what was that? - FF again - stop - are you kiddin' me? - FF and stop at the end.
Another equally astute commentator said:
The CG in this episode was so insanely bad. The scene atop the windmill being the worst moment. That windmill, which looked great about 8 seasons ago when it was real, now poorly rendered and drenched in ugly fake sunset light because they seemingly can no longer afford to film anything outside.
The Season 1-3 production values were spectacular. When did things get so bad?

Also, the writing. Good lord, the writing. It's like the creatives decided to see how much of a Dada show they could possibly get away with, with dialogue that's either sub-Lucasian or totally incomprehensible. And the lack of freaks-of-the-week mean that there's barely any drama; even when characters disagree about something, they're more philosophical disagreements than goal-oriented ones.

In short, as Spock would say, "fascinating". But watchable? No.


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In short, as Spock would say, "fascinating". But watchable? No.

Totally disagree.:bounce:

I think it is absolutely watchable.

I agree, SMALLVILLE is historically uneven in it's writing, but it has been like that from Day One.
Go back to season one and you will find a teeter-totter of episodes ranging from brillant to utterly horrible.

I have always had a real Love/Hate relationship with this show.
Several times I have almost walked away from it in frustration,
but everytime I thought I was out,(read following line while channeling Pacino)
Smallville would pull me back in!:icon_mad:

It is a FUN show!
When it deals directly with DC/Superman Mythology, the show totally rocks!
But when it is distracted with filler episodes or freak of the week eps,
it can be a true "meh" experience.

So the show may not be HBO-writing quality drama,
but it does more often than not, do something more important....

It is just old fashioned super-hero-soap-comic book fun.
It is Popcorn TV.
Leave your brain at the door, sit back and enjoy the ride.:pop2:


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Cover Artist
bionicbob said:
When it deals directly with DC/Superman Mythology, the show totally rocks!

It would be interesting to filter down the series to just those eps to see how much of that content there actually is.


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Ziz said:
It would be interesting to filter down the series to just those eps to see how much of that content there actually is.

seems like the beginning of a beautiful fanedit waiting to happen if it's possible.


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Ziz said:
It would be interesting to filter down the series to just those eps to see how much of that content there actually is.

Season One:
--Kal-El crashes to Earth and is found by the Kents
--15 year old Clark Kent meets Lex Luthor
--Lana Lang
--Pete Ross
--references to Wonder Woman and the death of Green Arrow's parents
--a psychic vision of the future of Lex as U.S. President, wearing the one glove due to Kryponite poisoning

Season Two:
--Red Kryptonite
--Pete Ross learns Clark's secret
--Kryptonian origins slowly being revealed
--the Kawatche-Krypton caves
--Clark learns about Krypton from Chris Reeve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Jor-El speaks and he sounds just like Terrance Stamp!

Season Three:
--intro future Metropolis Police Captain Sawyer
--Morgan Edge and Intergang
--intro Perry White!!!
--Jor-el on Earth in the 1950s!
--Belle Reve Prison
--Chris Reeve returns in his final onscreen role!!!
--a girl claiming to be Kara Zor-el abducts Clark for Jor-el!

Season Four:
--Kal-el flies!!!
--intro Lois Lane!!!!
--General Sam Lane
--Lucy Lane
--Margot Kidder guest stars
--Bart Allen aka Flash, Kid Flash or Impulse, you pick
--a very weird version Myxyllplyx
--Krypton Power Stones
--Shelby, the temporary Super-Dog
--best season cliff-hanger ever!

Season Five:
--can you say, FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!!!!!!!
--Kryptonian villians attack, nice homage to Superman II
--death of Pa Kent
--Zod escapes from the Phantom Zone and traps Clark inside!!

Season Six:
--Clark vs. Zod/Lex
--Jimmy Olsen.... or is it????
--Green Arrow!!!!!
--Escaped Phantom Zone villians
--the JUSTICE LEAGUE!! Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse and Boy Scout... uh, I mean Clark!!!
--Lex kills for the first time onscreen with his bare hands.... on his wedding day....EVIL!!!!
--the Martian Manhunter

Season Seven:
--SUPERGIRL arrives!!!
--Brainiac returns
--blue kryptonite
--more Bizzaro
--Dean Cain as Vandal Savage!!
--Lara of Krypton
--Clark's rocket launch and Krypton's destruction
--Black Canary!!!!!
--Lex murders his Father!!!
--Clark travels to the future where Lex is U.S. President and Clark wears his iconic glasses for the first time!
--Lex discovers Clark's secret, showdown time at the Fortress

Season Eight:
--G.A., A.M. & B.C. (JLA) save Clark
--Clark saves Supergirl from the P.Z.
--Faora, wife of Zod
--Brainiac again!!!
--the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, and Fatal Five villian Persuader!!!
--more Martian Manhunter
--the Injustice League
--Lex returns... sort of... and then G.A. blows him up!
--the death of Jimmy.... or is it???

Season Nine:
--Clark raids Neo's closet and dons his first official costume
--ZOD and the clone Kandorians arrive!
--Toyman returns
--clone Jor-El arrives at the Kent Farm
--Zan & Jan, the Wonder Twins.... "Powers Activate!"
--the Dark Archer...aka Merlyn
--the JSA!!! Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Sandman, Star Spangeled Kid and more team up with the JLA!!!!
--Zatanna returns
--Silver Banshee
--Amanda Waller and CHECKMATE!!!
--a very weird version of Maxwell Lord
--Lois dressed up as Wonder Woman
--Perry White and Ma Kent return
--JLA/JSA team up with Clark to fight ZOD and his Army!!!

and the Final Season, number 10:
--well we are only 4 eps in, but so far...
--Clark got his classic SuperSuit only to have Jor-El steal it and put in a block on Ice!!!!
--the ghost of Pa Kent
--Glorious Godfrey
--Col. Flagg
--the Suicide Squad
--Brainiac 5
--a trip to the future, we meet the classic Clark Kent, glasses, trenchcoat, the whole nine yards... geek awesome!!!
--Supergirl returns
--Clark raids Flash Gordon's closet and dons his newest costume
--Lex Luthor clones

coming in future eps...
--Aquaman and Mera
--more Hawkman and maybe Hawkgirl!
--General Lane and Lucy Lane
--Teri Hatcher as Lois's mom!!!!!!!!!
--Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!!!

oh yeah baby, season ten is shaping up to be the absolute best yet!!!!!!


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I might be interested in such an edit. I'm a big comics fan (I love vintage Supes especially), but I don't have the patience or inclination to watch ten seasons of Smallville.


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theslime said:
I might be interested in such an edit. I'm a big comics fan (I love vintage Supes especially), but I don't have the patience or inclination to watch ten seasons of Smallville.

If memory serves, I believe there is a Fan Edit of the first season of Smallville done a few years ago...


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Last night was the 200th Episode!!!

Brainiac 5 of the Legion showed, and Clark had a glimpse of the future!

Okay, I have to be honest, I was squealling like total geek fanboy through this whole segment!!!!:nerd:



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Ach... the dialogue is awful. Nukes don't turn skies sunset-red. And having Superman be able to contain a mushroom cloud by zooming around it... well, that's not much better than turning back time by counter-rotating the planet. Pass, thanks. ;)


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Gaith said:
Ach... the dialogue is awful. Nukes don't turn skies sunset-red. And having Superman be able to contain a mushroom cloud by zooming around it... well, that's not much better than turning back time by counter-rotating the planet. Pass, thanks. ;)

Great Ceasar's Ghost! Everything you disliked, I LOVED!:dance:

To each their own.:becky:


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glad to see you enjoying the show bob. i may take a crack at it at some point. cause it'd be Smallville: Essential Edition.

what'd be a better title than that? Smallville: Origins wouldn't work. Smallville Chronicles doesn't strike either.plus everything has chronicles in it nowadays
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