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Shut Up! Consecution

Awesome, added video to it's page. And njvc I added yours as well, I missed that post.
Thanks neg! I forgot I uploaded that one.
rebue for Schism, posted on IFDoBerman:

Lyrical and horrifying, with the music holding up the atmosphere superbly. The ending is open to interpretation, and given that the tragedy is well known, a departure from hard reality works really well here.
Tenks for the rebue super-soaker-jaculation!

I put an optional lyrics subtitle track for this on the "Neglify Shorts Vol. 1" DVD. There's one barely audible line and it's killer.

Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion.
jeebuss, neg! never could tell whether jeebuss was hippie or metal.
This Consecution is not available at Rapidshare anymore, only as .NZB.
I can't make it available again at the moment. I prefer to keep a free account at Mega for now and I will not going to pay to upload just one more DVD (and I've already got a message from mega saying I'm way over the free account mark... I removed some personal things, but I'm still borderline)
So if anyone can reupload it, then fine.
I will probably upload some of my past short edits at Vimeo, including the one from this DVD.
I use Megaupload as an alternative site when I'm running low on Mega space.
TV's Frink said:
I use Megaupload as an alternative site when I'm running low on Mega space.
I'm afraid I don't understand. How can you do that without a time machine?
Whoops. I meant Megashares. Too many Megas running around in my head. ;)

i upload to megatron, but usually to overtake the core.
Thanks for the review [MENTION=17386]Vultural[/MENTION]! Glad you enjoyed it. I actually forgot I did this in 5.1, since I only use stereo speakers. Although the shift from 2.0 to 5.1 works well I think because

once they get into the car and drive to school the sounds become almost dreamlike. Along with the final shots, I wanted to make it ambiguous whether or not the whole thing was their fantasy or they actually went through with it.
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