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Seinfeld: The Extended Series

Bobson Dugnutt

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So in my brief time off from the site I watched a bit of Seinfeld, and a lot of the deleted scenes are neat, so for the heck of it I added them back in. I've already done the first two seasons pretty easily enough and since they're both short much like the DVD boxset, I've combined the two into one package. I've also used the PAL box sets as they're the highest quality in 576p compared to the US 480p. I've also slowed it down by roughly 5% to negate the PAL speedup. The deleted scenes were also interlaced, so I've deinterlaced them and also done some minor colour correction where needed. 


Season 1 and 2 - Now Available! 

Male Unbonding - S01E04
- Added extended conversation with Joel at the end of the episode about borrowing a tape

The Ex-Girlfriend - S02E01
- Added extended conversation with George telling Jerry that he'll fake a kidnapping on himself
- Added Jerry trying to ask George to get a guy to let him in. (while driving). I reused a shot from The Airport for an establishing shot. 
- Added Kramer giving George some of his great cantalope

The Jacket - S02E02
- Added extended shopping scene with Jerry trying on some pants as well as a jacket. I added back some of the opening credits and recreated them as best I could.

The Heart Attack - S02E08
- Added extended scene of George having a "heart attack" with a Monk's Cafe chef yelling at George for bringing in an outside cucumber 
- Added Elaine talking about a magazine she was reading in the ER. I had to cut a line from George as it was impossible to edit around. 
- Added the ER nurse forcibly taking the magazine back. Also cut an ADRed line from Jerry here cause of a laugh track

The Chinese Restaurant - S02E11
- Added George talking about spraining his leg muscles


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When I first read about this project, it was in the ideas section...I see this pop up today and I'm like "blimey, he edits fast"


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How fun! Question: is it possible to view the series without the laugh track?
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