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Rocketman - 'Long, Long Time' Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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An extended edition of one of the best biopics out there, maybe the best in my opinion? This adds back four extended/alternate musical numbers, and ten new scenes that delve a little deeper into the life of Sir Elton Hercules John.

Problem Eliminator has already done a fanfix that only adds back the AIDS subplot that was nixed from the final film which I thought was pretty essential for a biopic about a gay man in the 80s. It's only briefly mentioned in the closing moments of the film with a text box saying he founded a charity, I thought it'd be nice to at least bring it up a little earlier than that.

2 scenes were only included on the iTunes release, so I bought that version as well, and did some fancy upscaling to get it look just as good as the rest of the film. I don't think if I mentioned which ones they are, anyone would notice.

- Longer/Alternate version of "The Bitch is Back"
- Extended version of "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"
- Added Elton seeing his piano instructor after he's offered the gig touring with the Americans
- Longer/Alternate version of "Bringing Down the Walls of Heartache" without the "kill the person you were born to be" scene intercut, there's some new therapy stuff cut in and hints at Elton's homosexuality
- The "Kill the person you were born to be" scene is now isolated as it's own scene outside the Heartache montage, and extended as well
- Added Elton talking to Dick James' receptionist as he introduces himself as Reginold Dwight
- Extended version of Elton/Bernie moving into Arebella's house, as there is a little more flirting from her, and a more in depth look at the house
- Added Elton trying to kill himself in an open oven, with Bernie stopping him, and ending things with Arebella
- Extended version of "Honky Cat"
- Added Elton and John Reid arguing about telling Sheila about Elton's sexuality
- Added Elton waking up after the "Bennie and the Jets" montage next to his partner Hugh, as he tells Elton about how much of a prick he is
- Added Elton in the studio watching the news cover the AIDS epademic, and subseqeuently getting a blood test
- Added Elton in the hospital following his heart attack, with John Reid and Hugh visiting
- Added Elton in Rehab, sitting in the laundromat as he talks to another resident

The time cut here is all the musical numbers as they've just been replaced entirely, as The Bitch is Back was edited vastly differently compared to just being a longer cut, so for all 4 longer songs, I nixed the original and added the alternate cuts.

Time cut - 9:28
Time added - 31:36

Theatrical - 2:01:09
Long, Long Time - 2:24:56

How much longer is it though? - 22 minutes 8 seconds

- Rocketman (2019) Blu-Ray: 4 longer/alternate musical numbers, and 8 of the deleted scenes came from here
- iTunes Bonus Features - 2 other exclusive deleted scenes were taken from here
- Music from the Motion Picture - Thank You For All Your Loving and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road were used to transition into deleted scenes
- SFX: Some sounds including Pee in bottle and Bar Empty Main Room Ambience Crowd

There are 2 deleted scenes I didn't use, which includes Stylish Boots and Do You Want Anything, as the first one was included in a montage already, and the 2nd one didn't add anything at all to the film, and would actively detract if put back in.


Dwight Fry

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Wasn't this a June release? How comes it's not in the FEOTM poll?
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