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Revenge of the Sith - Bobson's Theatrical Reconstruction

Bobson Dugnutt

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I mean it’s pretty useless, there aren’t that many changes are there? And you’re right.
Main source is the 2020 1080p Blu-Ray with patches of schorman13’s HDTV Pres. v2 as I generally prefer the look of the newest release.
00:00:00 - Prequel Era Fox and Lucasfilm cards inserted as 2020 removed the “News Corperation” and added the Sequel Era Lucas card
00:33:18 - Bottom half of Jedi temple has been revised, replaced with HDTV shot and wipe
00:38:05 - Coruscant sun, more intense, now dulled slightly
00:48:28 - Kashyyyk roofs revised with moss, replaced with HDTV shot
00:53:12 - Coruscant sky is brighter in 2020, now dulled slightly
00:59:30 - Clone voices removed when they enter and attack the droid forces on Utapau, was a 2011 change thats been reverted with the HDTV audio
01:23:01 - Another Kashyyyk building roof color change
01:35:33 - Mustafar screen revised to be brighter, replaced with partial HDTV shot
01:40.26 - Brightened sqaure power window over Obi-Wan has been removed with HDTV shot
02:02:19 - Theatrical wipe restored, I mean it was restored on the 2011 BR, but it’s still of note
Thanks to none for his work on the DIF 2004 v 2011 and 2004 v 2020 of all six films which helped find some new changed that otherwise wouldn’t of been found.


Canon Editor

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SRANJX said:
What about Darth Vader's longer "NOOOOOO" line?

That was in the theatrical cut. 

I've always been looking forward to something like this, Dugnutt! Looking forward to it.


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I was gonna work on this after doing Project HD99 but I won’t have to now! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this :-D
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