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Return of the Jedi: Remastered:


Staff Member
Return of the Jedi: Remastered:

I really enjoyed this edit and many of the decisions, but ultimately this just cannot be my go to version of the film...

PROS: I loved the added music during the Obi-Wan & Luke scene.
Very much enjoyed the change-up during when Chewie is introduced.
The Special Edition Ending is the ending I always preferred.
Greatly reduced Ewoks!
Vader is more menacing in shuttle tydirium sequence.
Dialogue and cheesy scenes in the film are reduced (almost a little too much).

CONS: The subtitles from Jabba change from odd "imovie" type to then the despecialized subtitles.
I personally miss the despecialized dance sequence cut from this edit.
The dialogue scenes with Lando are pretty much cut entirely.
Boba Fett shots are not flipped.
No more Leia and Wicket scene.
I miss Vader's eyebrows.
But overall I think the film just loses too much of its charm while the edits aren't super effective.

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