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REMINDER: Voting For Yourself In The FEOTM Is Not Allowed

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The FEOTM is meant to be a fun contest where the community votes for their favorite edit of the month and we celebrate the edit and editor that receives the most votes.  As such, we do not allow editors to vote for their own edits.  We regularly check vote totals and remove any votes cast by an editor for their own vote.  Put plainly, voting for your own edit violates the spirit of the contest and is not allowed.  Repeated violations of this rule will result in infractions or bans.

Related, the site rules state the following:

Multiple accounts or deceptive posting is forbidden. Multiple accounts, either because of forgotten login information or intentional usage of a sock account is forbidden. We regularly scan IP addresses and remove duplicate accounts. If we find that you are using a fake account to deceive forum members about edit feedback or ratings, you may receive infractions or be banned.

Anyone who creates an alternate account to vote for themselves is risking a lengthy ban.  Don't do it.
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