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Recommendations for an affordable monitor for color grading?


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I've ordered a new computer, and want to order a monitor to go with it. I want to color grade fanedits on it (using 1080p Blu-ray sources and also rendering in 1080p), so I want one with accurate colors, brightness, and contrast. I also want it to be easy to calibrate without having to get expensive calibration hardware.

I'm on a limited budget, so I'd prefer something $200 or cheaper, but I might be willing to go up to $250 if the monitor is significantly better than other options.

So far, I've found the two below, which both apparently have very accurate colors. The second is more expensive and more advanced, but (not fully understanding the technical terminology) I'm not sure whether the improvements it offers would be relevant for my needs.



Do you know of any better (or similar-quality but cheaper) options? And out of the two linked above, would they work equally well for my needs (meaning that the cheaper one would be the better purchase), or would the added benefits of the second one be things that would be useful for me?

If a monitor comes factory calibrated, does this mean that I wouldn't have to calibrate it at all (just plug and play)?
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