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Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Serial


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Fanedit Title: Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Serial
Faneditor: Roger Rmjet
Fanedit Type: FanMix

Original Release Date: 1981
Original Running Time: 111 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: August 2008
Fanedit Running Time: 133 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
This turns RAIDERS OF THE LAST ARK into a TV serial of fourteen 10 minutes episodes presented in black and white. Watch Indy as you have never watched him before.

Although the original faneditor Roger Rmjet did not personally send in the info, his work was exceptional enough to not be missed by the fanedit community. A great idea and a fascinating way to pull it off. Infortunately the quality of the video is not the very best, yet it is watchable. Hopefully some day Roger Rmjet will release a high quality version of this great fanedit. At the very same day, this DVD aurhored by throwgncpr will be deleted.

Cuts and Additions:

50′s style B&W Paramount Pictures logo added before each chapter.
Original ‘Raiders’ titles removed – Serial style titles added.
Numerous small cuts made for timing – too many and too small too be listed.

Persons involved:
Roger Rmjet - idea, editing
Merlin - idea on releasing
ThrowgnCpr - DVD authoring
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this looks and sound great. just dl'd it, and trying to figure out the password to open the rar files:confused:

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Try reading the FAQ over at .info.
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