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Quantum of Solace: A Requiem for Vesper(Casino Royale/Quantum fan mix)


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A fan mix of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.


Quantum of Solace but with Black & White flashbacks to Casino Royale in order to make it more emotionaly involving.
The first hour of Casino Royale is skipped over so the first flashback is of Bond meeting Vesper on the train.


Added a gunbarel opening.
Some small trim cuts and rearanged shots to the car chase.
Removed a shot of M where it looks as if she has been shot.
Changed opening song to Radioheads Spectre. This is to provide a more mornful tune in keeping with the tone of the edit. And also to hint that Quantum is a part of Spectre.
Added to titles:
"A PoorAndin Fanedit", A Requiem for Vesper, Faneditor PoorAndin, Specter Performed by Radiohead, Casino Royale Directed by Martin Campbell. Credits for Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen.
During the boat chase after the villains boat crashes into the back of Bonds boat it immediatly flips over. Cut throwing an anchor from his boat into the other boat as there is no logic to how this could cause the boat to flip.
Bond now shoots the henchman as he pushes him off the Opera roof. Greens henchman getting out and shooting him is cut. Now M has a reason for thinking Bond shot him.
Moved forward M scenes in london to after Bond puts Matis body in the dumpster.

After M has Bond put into custody, after Bond escapes he no longer says "Now you and I have to see this through".
Cut M's conversation with Tanner "Find out where he's going, he's onto something. I don't give a s*** about the CIA and their trumped up evidence, he's my agent and I trust him"
Those two interactions with M completely contradict everything she has said and done with Bond up to this point.
Some of the things she said to Bond earlier in the same scene:
"Your blinded by incontrolable rage and don't care who you hurt.
I can't trust you. Your driven by revenge.
When you can't tell your freiends from your enemies It's time to go. Your removed from duty pending further investigation.
Give your weapons over to these men and leave with them now."

Seconds later Bond beats up the men who M told to arrest Bond. Why doing that would prompt M to have a complete change of heart I dont know.

From the Casino Royale flashbacks I am removing Bond getting poisoned and the defribulator scene.
Added a "6 months earlier" caption to the first flashback scene.
Bond getting his Aston Martin Keys in the hotel and checking out his new car.
Trimmed Bond's first arrival at the casino for pacing.
Matis telling Bond what he did with the bodies of the men he killed in the staircase.
LeChiffre telling Bond that Matis is his man.

Included Casino Royale deleted scenes:
Bond and Vesper talking after getting off the train.
Matis and Bonds conversation after Bond wakes up in hospital.
Bond asking about the one eyed man in the hotel lobby in Venice.

Added a flashback within the Casino Royale flashbacks. When Bond seems to realise it is Matis who betrayed him to LeChiffe inserted a flashback to him losing the poker game and Matis speaking to Vesper about LeChiffes tell in order to make it clearer what has gone through Bond's mind to make him think Matis told LeChiffe about the Tell. This flashback has desaturated colour instead of B&W to differentiate it.

Included both Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale end credits.

Jack Whites "Another Way to Die" plays over the Casino Royale end credits.

Included an alternative audio track that has the oriinal "Another Way to Die" play on the opeing credits and "Spectre" plays over the Casino Royale end credits.

Running time 3 hours 5 minutes.
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Opening gun barrel:
This clip has removed the shot of M falling down as a bullet ricochets off a pole:
First flashback transition to Casino Royale:
Deleted scene from Casino Royale after Bond and Vesper get off the train:
Removed Bond getting the keys to his Aston Martin and going to the parking lot to check out his new car for pacing. Instead as Vesper gets in the elevator we cut back to QOS as Bond arrives in Haiti.:
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Removed shot of Bond throwing anchor from his boat into the villans boat:
Trimed Bond entering casino for pacing:
Bond now shoots the henchman as he pushes him off the building so that M's belief that he killed him and is driven by revenge is justified:
Transition from CR shower scene to QOS:
Another transition from CS to QOS:
M scenes with Tanner and the PM have been moved so no Bond scene inbetween.
New flashback to LeChife tricking Bond into falling for a false tell in the poker game is inserted to show what bond is thinking when he says "Mathis" and races after Vesper.
Removed Bonds unconcius body been carried to LeChife's car. Also cut removing the tracker from his arm and LeChife saying "Your friend Mathis is now my friend Mathis."
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Added in another Casino Roayale deleted scene where Mathis speaks to Bond in the hospital
I made cuts to M in this scene. It did not make sense to me that after Bond escapes from the very agents that M had told to take Bond into custody that she would have a change of heart and be on team Bond all of a sudden.
If this edit ends up being as good as your award winning Moonraker edit, we're in for a treat.
What music did you use for the trailer?
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