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Promo Reels

Frantic Canadian

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This is an idea I got a while back when I discovered several VHS screeners at my local pawn shop. Most of the VHS screeners that I've seen contain promo reels before the film to promote either the film that is on the tape or another film that the company is going to be releasing. Promo reels contain the film's trailer as well as information about how well the film has done theatrically, and if this is a sequel info about how the previous films in the series did is usually mentioned also, as well as the various marketing campaigns that you'll get if you decide to stock the film. These are really rare because this is something that's not available to the general public and as far as I can tell they stopped including promo reels once they made the jump to DVD screeners.

I've got about a dozen VHS screeners that I bought at the pawn shop and one, Scream 2, that I bought online so what I'm looking to do is to compile all the promo reels that I have on DVD. I also have one for Peter Jackson's Dead Alive that Tranzor sent me a while back on FE. Unfortunately the Scream 2 tape doesn't have a promo reel attached to it, which is the sole reason I bought it, but most of the other screeners I have do have promo reels on them. The biggest problem right now is that at least one tape, "National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off" which has a promo reel for the Nicolas Cage/John Travolta film "Face/Off", is copy protected so it looks like I'm going to have to get a video stabilizer to be able to transfer it to DVD.

If anyone else has any promo reels that they'd be willing to share please let me know. I'd love to include as many as possible.
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