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Prometheus Unbound


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Fanedit Name: Prometheus Unbound
Faneditor Name: Beezo
Original Movie Title: Prometheus
Fanedit Type: FanFix

Original Release Date: 2012
Original Running Time: 124
Fanedit Release Date: November 2013
Fanedit Running Time: 114
Time Cut: 21
Time Added: 11

Available in HD? Yes

Brief Synopsis:

Highlights of the edit include the following:

The opening sequence with the first Engineer has been all but replaced with the opening Ted Talk followed by a montage courtesy of Tree of Life. Holloway's douchy-ness has been seriously reduced, Shaw no longer makes faith-based decisions and Vickes' bitchiness has been mostly removed. No more exploding head and the attack on Fifield and Milburn has less idiocy on their part. The ship falls on Vickes without giving her time enough to "just make a right turn."


The original film is rife with ludicrous character choices and unnecessary, convoluted narrative points. This thrust of this edit is make the characters more convincing and the plot more accessible.

Other Sources:

Additional Footage included from Tree of Life
Additional music included from the Prometheus Motion Picture Soundtrack

Special Thanks:

G1orkatsos, Gatos, Seciors

Release Information

  • NTSC DVD-5
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV

Special Features

Fan Edit Commentary Track (DVD and BD)

Cuts and Additions:

All added scenes are color corrected to better correspond with the film's palette
5.1 Audio available on DVD and BluRay ISO Files
Fan Edit Commentary available on DVD and BluRay ISO Files
Stereo only for MP4 File

Act 1:

Removed opening sequence with Engineer
Added TED Talk sequence
Added Genesis sequence from Tree of Life
Added piece of extra footage interview
Removed audible noise while in space
Removed flashback/dream scene of Shaw as a child
Removed Vickes/David scene
Removed line, "I'm here to make money."
Removed dialog concerning crew's questioning of the mission
Removed dialog concerning Shaw's faith
Removed Vickes/Shaw/Holloway scene in Vickis' room
Removed line, "Just like home."
Removed dialog concerning pending loss of daylight
Removed dialog concerning bringing weapons
Removed dialog of Holloway antagonizing David
Removed trivial dialog as they go to the dome

Act 2:

Removed dialog of Holloway bossing Fifield around
Added deleted scene of the first discovery of alien life
Removed dialog concerning the non-freezing water
Removed dialog concerning not having weapons as holograms appear
Removed line, "Congratulations on meeting your maker."
Removed dialog asking for how old the head is
Removed line, "Sweaty."
Removed dialog concerning the silicon storm's threat
Removed dialog concerning the changing atmosphere in the dome
Removed line, "It's just another tomb."
Removed dialog concerning Holloway yelling at Shaw
Removed dialog concerning Fifield venting at Janek
Removed Vickes from head examination sequence
Removed Holloway from head examination sequence
Removed head explosion from head examination sequence
Removed "Try Harder" scene in the hallway
Removed line, "Big things have small beginnings."
Removed dialog concerning Shaw talking into her recorder
Removed dialog, "How long is this going to take?"
Removed dialog, "My room, ten minutes."
Re-edited sequence so that the snake/alien attacks much quicker
Removed dialog concerning Vickes asking David to turn on his video recorder
Removed dialog, "He shut me off."
Removed David pushing randomly at buttons in the Navigation room
Added Flashback/Dream sequence of the Scotland cave discovery
Removed dialog concerning the lack of medical equipment
Removed dialog concerning David having seen Shaw's dreams
Added portion of deleted scene of Janek consoling Vickes
Removed dialog concerning the med-pod not working on women
Replaced Fifield's attack on Prometheus with more Alien-looking Fifield

Act 3:

Removed part of scene in which Shaw puts on her uniform
Removed dialog, "Yes, Father."
Removed dialog concerning Shaw's protest that she never wanted her parents dead
Added deleted scene with extended interaction between the Engineer and Weyland
Removed dialog banter between co-pilots
Removed countdown to impact audio
Re-edited the falling of the ship so that it gives Vickes too little time to escape
Removed scene of Shaw lowering David's body
Removed VO
Added Title Credit
Added Special Thanks

Cover Art by beezo


Download art


Files have been uploaded to MEGA and DLCs submitted to INFO


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I really like what you did with the opening. I thought some time ago that "The Tree of Life" would be ripe for inclusion in here and you handled that nicely. Personally I would have done TOL, pretty much the full engineer scene and the back to the TOL for some evolution. I know it may seem like too much exposition of the obvious to some people but I really love Malnick's movie. The dinos would also provide some continuity that the fruits of the labors of the engineers run the gamut of vicious reptiles to people who may manufacture starships. My only other observation about the opening is it seems a bit of a speed bump going from the Weyland speech to space, a slow cross fade between the scenes with the music increasing in volume would probably smooth that out nicely, even a bit poetically as while he speaks of gods the visual morphs into where the gods are often thought to reside, the heavens. I haven't watched the rest of your edit yet, quite honestly as soon as I saw that you cannibalized bits of TOL I knew that I wanted to see what you did with it.


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The cut between the Ted Talk and the Genesis sequence is purposefully done to feel abrupt. In the original Ted Talk, the sequence ends with thunderous, lasting applause. I cut it just before the applause, and leaving all of the built up tension preceding it. I did this in order to instill a *jolty* feeling so that when the Genesis sequence begins, there's a sense that it took place "elsewhere". Not sure if it came across successfully, but that was the intent anyway.
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