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Power Rangers


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Fascinating news! 

I suppose we'll get a Power Rangers vs. Transfomers movie now, although I'd want to finally see a G.I. Joe vs. Transformers before that.


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Zarius said:
DANLAV05 said:
Zarius said:
The 25th anniversary special airs August 28th (the day MMPR premiered), here's a sneek peek at some of the returning cast members


Can't wait to play with this one ;)

That's not the only 'special' we're getting:

And there's this coming next week :)




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Trailer now on Youtube

Looks like we've got an extended anniversary edition coming :p


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Dear Hasbro, since Sony passed on the awesome sounding Jump Street/Men in Black crossover, here's your chance to team up and make tons of cash and a great flick: let Lord and Miller cross Jump Street with MMPR. Trust me, there's no successful big-screen future for this property in any kind of "faithful" reboot, as last year's flop demonstrated... and I really want my third chapter of the Jump Street saga. :D


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Zarius said:
Some of the cast reunite for a special table-read of MMPR#30 


I'm subscribed to the comic, Shattered Grid is the PR story Ive wanted since Forever Red

That lineup is giving me goosebumps! Especially knowing some of the scenes they'll be reading out

David Fielding back as Zordon!
Barbara Goodson playing Rita scenes freely without having to dub Machiko Soga, Julia Cortez or Carla Perez!
Walter Jones as Zack for the first time since Season 2!
Jen interacting with the classic characters!!
Alternate universe versions of familiar faces!

Toei has blocked animated Power Rangers before so this could be the closest we could get.  Definitely playing this is filmed for YouTube.
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