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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The Red Apple Cut:


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Straight out of the gate, I want to say that this will replace my store-bought version as the go-to copy of OUaTiH. The additional scenes add depth, character, immersion, and more of the same: actors really good at spinning Tarantino's too cool to be real lines into palatable, enjoyable content. I highly recommend it. So, this review from here on out is going to be nothing but griping that really doesn't detract at all from my point: this version is great. Most of the additional scenes are extensions and seamlessly integrate, with two notable exceptions: all of the Red Apple commercial takes are now part of the prologue. I guess there was nowhere else to put them, and they bookend the film well. I like them, I don't mind that they're kind of detached and not really part of the narrative. Is there a way to make them part? Maybe? Crop them? Add television filters? Make it seem as if a channel is being switched between clips? I don't know if any of that is necessary. The second notable exception is during Dalton's western shoot. There's some new footage (the cinematic version of the western set, v.s. the flimsy, Hollywood backdrop) where suddenly a character that had been walking right, is coming in from the opposite side of the screen, and it's a jarring reversal. We're now in the film v.s. watching the film being made, and I think a camera tricky transition, some kind of footage cut, or cigarette burn, would probably sell this just fine since Tarantino uses that kinda stuff plenty here. But since there's nothing, it's just a cut that doesn't work quite well. I'd timestamp it, but honestly I'm nitpicking. It wasn't that big of a deal. And, honestly, the movie could do with an intermission sequence now, ala It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Layer in some radio city audio or...just don't do any of that all. Why am I making suggestions for a version 2? Sorry. Anyway, I really dug it. It adds texture, it's really well put together. Thank you very much.

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