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Oedipus on Steroids


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This is very fascinating. I believe other editors have indulged in projects of combining multiple films to tell their personal stories (BlueYoda comes to mind), but we don't get those very often. I've recently discovered the works of Craig Baldwin, an experimental filmmaker who takes clips from tons of different movies and shows and educational programs and whatnot combined with his own narration and footage to tell his own narratives, this was another thing that came to mind while reading about your project. This kind of stuff is just really interesting to me.
I look forward to watching the sample you posted when I get the chance. It can take a lot to share your personal details, so I totally get being hesitant to share the whole thing. If you do ever feel comfortable enough, I'd gladly watch the whole thing, I like hearing about other people's lives (that doesn't sound weird, right?) and I enjoy experimental/unconventional edits.
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