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Nightmare On Elm Street 7: Dream Nemesis

Uncanny Antman

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Original Film Name: Freddy vs Jason
New Film Name: A Nightmare on Elm Street 7: Dream Nemesis
film studio name : New Line Cinema
edit crew name : Uncanny Antman
Date Original Film Was Released : 2003
Date Edit Was Released : March 2008
Original Runtime : 94 minutes
New Runtime : 78 minutes

Cuts removed/added/extended:

* Replaced opening score to remove Jason theme.
* Removed Freddy explaining entire plot after previous kills montage.
* New opening scene, Blake being unsuccessfully attacked by Freddy.
* New opening credits.
* Credits lead into long version of Crystal Lake counsellor leaving to go skinny-dipping.
* Removed morphing victims talking to Jason.
* Removed Mrs Voorhees being revealed as Freddy, "Freddy vs. Jason" title screen, and Jason walking down Elm Street.
* Altered two shots of Lori to stop her from glancing towards the film crew.
* Removed Kia asking Lori and Gibb if she should get a nose job.
* Removed Kia and Lori's exposition about Will, Lori's "true love".
* Removed Kia telling Lori to go upstairs with Blake.
* Inserted deleted scene with Trey complaining about dirty sheets.
* Removed exposition about Lori's dead mother.
* Removed crappy body double for Gibb in the shower.
* Removed wide shot of Jason stabbing Trey. He's clearly stabbing the bed far away from where Trey really is.
* Removed the first of Gibb's two screams when she finds Trey.
* Removed Stubbs talking to Lori at the police station, and Lori trying to remember Freddy's name. Cut to Westin Hills prior to Lori's nightmare.
* Removed the deaths of Blake and his father.
* Removed all the back-story about Will seeing Lori's father kill her mother.
* When Freddy jumps out at Lori in her nightmare, he comes from right next to her where she should be able to see him off-screen. Altered Freddy so that he fades into the shot, literally appearing right in front of her. Also removed Lori's terrible "relieved" acting after waking up.
* Cut back to Westin Hills again, but removed Mark talking about missing his family, and Will talking again about Lori's father.
* Added scene of Lori's father picking her up from the police station.
* Removed Lori meeting up with Gibb and Kia outside school.
* Added deleted scene of Gibb screaming at people to stop staring at her, and Will and Mark sneaking into school.
* Removed Kia referring to Linderman as a humping dog.
* Added Freddy's theme to the scene where Lori describes him to Kia and Gibb.
* Removed Will berating Mark, "You're scaring her."
* Removed Lori in the infirmary, and Kia's nose job nightmare.
* Inserted deleted scene of Principal Shaye talking to Will and Mark.
* Inserted deleted scene of Kia and Gibb picking up Lori to go to the rave.
* Inserted deleted scene of the girls driving to the rave.
* Removed Will starting to tell Lori about why he was in Westin Hills.
* Altered the colours during Gibb's nightmare so that it looks dry and washed out instead of bright red.
* Erased visible hand in frame when Gibb falls backwards off of walkway.
* Trimmed the ‘head-twist' kill so that Jason doesn't poke the guy to make him fall over, and to show as little of the crummy effect as possible.
* Trimmed some shots and altered others to minimize the chunky fire-suit Jason in the cornfield.
* Removed the shot of Shack laughing with his mouth closed, clearly holding stage blood in his mouth.
* Removed the raver throwing cups of beer on Jason.
* Removed Kia and Lori's crummy "I can't believe Gibb is dead" moment. Now, Kia simply hugs Lori goodbye.
* Removed Lori arguing with, then sneaking out on her father. She doesn't go home at all.
* Removed Freddy's blatant exposition during Mark's nightmare.
* Removed Freddy's line, "I'll have to pass that message myself, won't I?" It looks badly looped.
* Slightly restructured Lori and Will witnessing Mark's death.
* Removed Lori saying, "Freddy died by fire, Jason by water…how can we use that?"
* Removed shot of Freddy's ear morphing into maggots.
* Removed Kia's terribly delivered line, "We're not safe awake or asleep."
* Replaced shots of group looking up hypnocil on the internet. The pages don't look real, and Linderman takes a stupidly long time to notice the huge text at the top of the page regarding FDA approval.
* Removed Freeburg telling Linderman to stop and smoke a joint.
* Removed Freddy-caterpillar squeezing down Freeburg's throat.
* Removed Freeburg/Freddy telling Will that he'll, "…handle this, bitch."
* Removed Freddy's line to Jason, "These are my children, Jason. Go back where you belong!" Also removed same line being echoed as Jason goes to sleep.
* Cut to Jason dreaming about ruined house before Mrs Voorhees berates him.
* Altered Freddy/Jason fight from being bright red.
* Removed Freddy making a wanking motion to Jason.
* Removed Jason's supposed fear of water, and Freddy getting into young Jason's head.
* De-saturated scenes at old Camp Crystal Lake.
* Removed Freddy as camp counsellor.
* Removed group walking off in the opposite direction of Crystal Lake.
* Removed section of Lori's nightmare dealing with her mother and father.
* Removed Freddy's line, "Welcome to my world, bitch."
* Removed shot of Will carrying Lori where her arm stays upright even when he lets go of it.
* Trimmed obvious shots of rubber arm when Lori is burnt.
* Removed shot of Linderman with obviously looped line.
* Removed long pan around Linderman bleeding to death.
* Removed Freddy's indecision over who to kill between Lori and Kia.
* Removed most of Kia's taunting of Freddy. No "Christmas sweater" or "butter knives" remarks.
* Removed Lori's terrible rant about how Freddy has ruined their pasts.
* Removed Freddy falling and getting caught up on swinging mechanism. (This means he just pops up next to Jason, but I figured it was acceptable, seeing as he magically appeared on top of the construction site in the first place. Freddy has always had some limited power in the real world.)
* Removed small section of Jason hacking away at Freddy. Freddy's spurting wounds here are terrible…even in the context of this film, where almost all the blood spurts are ridiculously comedic.
* Altered shot of Freddy slicing Jason's fingers slightly to make it look like they actually go anywhere near his hand, unlike the original shot.
* Removed Lori screaming, "Welcome to my world, bitch!"
* Sped up slow motion shot of Lori swinging machete. (The slo-mo is terrible, and obvious that she was also acting in slo-mo.)
* Added proper Freddy face to dummy head as it is sliced off.
* Repositioned following shot of Lori to be higher in the frame.
* Removed shot of Jason closing his eyes before sinking. He just had his eyes stabbed out a minute earlier.
* Replaced Jason-emerging-from-lake ending with "Two Months Later" ending.
* Removed Lori asking Will about his wound, and speaking of her sympathy for Jason. (Which thankfully also removes a bit of Will's bad acting.)
* Removed Lori screaming, "What's wrong with you?" and shot of zoom in to Lori's face.
* Shortened end credits.

Format: AVI, 2:35:1, 5.1 audio.

Your intention for this fanedit: To reduce some of the more cringe-worthy elements of the film, primarily on the acting side of things. Also to trim some moments that blatantly disregard the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Friday the 13th' histories.

Your way to achieve your intention: A basic 'snip the moments I hate' and 'add some deleted scenes' approach. Some minor rearrangement of scenes, but the film mostly plays out in the same sequence as the original version.

Hardware and software information: Premiere, Photoshop, DVDLabPro for the DVD, AutoGK for the AVI.

Additional Comment: I just hope people enjoy it. ...And keep an ear open for several songs added to the film...they were all chosen due to their titles being in keeping with the themes of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Time needed for the edition: Uh...six months, on and off, I think. That's a pretty rough guess.

Persons involved: Just me.



Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info

Dwight Fry

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Just to report that all the links for the parts of the DVD version are dead, save for the last part. Those for the .avi version, which I will be watching soon, still work.


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I was lucky enough to grab the DVD links some time ago then, I really enjoyed this edit; gave the movie a much needed shave of all redundancies and dumbness. Its not the most recent edit, but it sure deserves its time in the sun!


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Really is an excellent edit that improves the cheesiness of the film, too bad that Jason Mewes-esque guy couldn't have been edited out, he's unfortuantely an essential part of the plot. But I like a lot of the choices made, especially the ones that correct the horrible continuities in the theatrical version.


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I got the DVD; people can PM me if they're trying to get it...

TV's Frink

You Catch On Pretty Quick
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Wish you would read the rules.


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when i first watched the original freddy vs jason i was dissapointed to say the least.the characters came across as whinny,self absorbed horror stereotypes.you had the jock,the virgin,the bitch,the loser. 

  Thankfully U[font=Raleway, sans-serif]ncanny Antman strips away almost all cheesy and cringeworthy lines from the movie as well as the forced jokes and freddy quotes and one-liners. The main character doesnt come across as whiny anymore which actually makes you start to feel sorry for her.most of the john woo samurai style blood spray has been toned down which makes the movie experience more like a freddy movie and not shogun assassin movie. there was only a couple of problems i personally had [/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif]1. i would have cut the pig to fuck line in the cornfield(i would have jason just snap his neck round as soon as they turned round)[/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif]2. i would have trimmed the pinball scene(would have slammed jason against walls few times,no hip thrust,then show jason hitting floor & freddy gestering for tank to fall on him).[/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif] [/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif]overall this edit makes a mediocre movie into a enjoyable viewing experience which would look great in an freddy fans collection.   [/font]

[font=Raleway, sans-serif]also the ending to this edit was suberb with the clips and fantastic music choice.[/font]
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