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Welcome to the all new Technical Information forum. In this Audio Editing section you can find information on all your audio concerns.

If you have a question or a problem, there is a good chance that someone has had the same problem too. So please search the newly organized forums before posting any questions. This will help to avoid asking the same question 100 times.


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I know this is the most basic question but if there's a thread/post that answers it please direct me to it.

For my edit I'm working with inserting deleted scenes with 2.0 stereo to the main film with 5.1 audio on Vegas Pro 16.0. While I do plan on converting the 5.1 audio to stereo to match the deleted scenes, how do I go about the process of correctly inserting the deleted scenes with the main film?

I've read on other forums that you go about this by crossfading but is this correct?


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You should cross-fade audio where it feels appropriate for a transition, many times this is before or after the video transition (and are referred to as J cuts and L cuts because of the shape they make in the timeline). Don't fade out to nothing then fade in from nothing, and don't use hard cuts in audio, both are very noticeable.

Most films don't utilize cross-fades in the actual video side (except in special cases like maybe dream sequences). Usually simple hard cuts will do just fine.
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