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Music Club

The Scribbling Man

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Hi peeps,

Towards the end of last year I created a discord specifically for all things music. It's a bit quiet at the moment with only a handful of members, but I'd like to create a bit more buzz and kick some activities off, such as a weekly album pick for everyone to listen to and share their thoughts. 

I'm limiting where I share the link in order to dodge bots and trolls as much as possible. I know there's a fair number of people on FE are into their music, so thought this might be a good place to post. If the link should expire just drop me a PM and I'll send you an invite.

I've got a bot on the server which allows for simultaneous listening, and I'd generally like it to be a hub for music discussion of all kinds. If you make your own music, then you can also feel free to promote it on the server (there's a channel/thread specifically for that).

There's a fair bit of info to be found on the server, so please take some time to look at that should you join.

All are welcome - but similar to here, please exercise restraint and common courtesy when voicing your opinions.


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