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Mum & Dad


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I was actually quite impressed with this movie, Perry Benson is great in the lead role, specially if youre a fan of Operation Good Guys his character will come as quite a shock and you'll never look at meat in quite the same way again either.

Alledgedly this movie is very losely based on the Fred and Rose West Family, not that i saw any parrallels other than a really messed up Mother and Father. The plot is fairly minimal; new employee at the airport is befriended by a co worker and invited back home one night as she has missed the last bus home.

People will just write this off as torture porn but there is more to it (not a lot i grant you) than that, the setting is the thing that makes it odd, as there are no hidden dungeons or anything like that its just a normal family home with a few oddities upstairs and in the cellar which is what makes the scenes so disturbing because they are taking place in a normal looking kitchen or living room. we also get a lot more character development and insight then we are used to in these movies which really helps set up the tension and gives an insight into how it must feel to be part of a family like that.

i think this movie is probably best described as the bastard love child of The People Under the Stairs and The Cottage, anyway if horror/torture is your thing and you want a fairly interesting little diversion you cant do much worse than this.

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