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Metropolis Morodered!!


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by emrabt
This edits the Murnau Foundation restoration (the one from 2000 not 2003) of Metropolis to sync it to Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack.

Original Title: Metropolis (1927) / Giorgio Moroder presents Metropolis (1985)
New Title: Metropolis Morodered!!
Fanedit released on FE: May 2009
Original Runtime: 110
New Runtime: 82 minutes

Intention With This Edit: To re cut and sync the restored year 2000 edition of metropolis to Giorgio Moroders soundtrack.
So now you can watch a movie which was made in 1927, with a sound track added in 1985, that was restored in 2000 only to be edited in 2009.


* ** - Moroders intro added.
* ** - Scenes coloured using Moroder’s version as a rough guide
* ** - All dialog titles are now displayed using subtitles over the picture
* ** - Speed increased from 18 frames to 25 frames per second to match moroder’s version
* ** - Every scene has been adjusted or deleted to match the soundtrack.
* ** - A few scenes have been extended from Moroder’s version, one has been shortened.

There is a small annoying problem near the end climax where blank / black frames appear, these were on the restoration I used to edit from, removing them made things look worse so I left them.
The subtitle track is set to come on by default, I have tried it in 2 DVD players and windows media player and it works for me.


* ** Format: PAL DVD
* ** Audio: Both the Laserdisc and the VHS soundmix are Available Lineage
* ** is as follows:
* ** Audio 1 – from laserdisc > VHS tape > computer.
* ** Audio 2 > VHS tape > computer.

persons involved:


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This may be of interest: Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis Blu-Ray

Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis Blu-ray

Posted August 25, 2011 03:47 PM by Josh Katz

Kino InternationalAfter last week's Ain't It Cool tease, Kino International has officially announced on Facebook the Blu-ray release of Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis. Moroder's controversial edit of director Fritz Lang's silent-film masterpiece contains a pop-rock soundtrack from some of the 1980's biggest performing artists, including:

"Love Kills" – Performed by Freddie Mercury
"Here's My Heart" – Performed by Pat Benatar
"Cage of Freedom" – Performed by Jon Anderson
"Blood from a Stone" – Performed by Cycle V
"The Legend of Babel" – Performed by Giorgio Moroder
"Here She Comes" – Performed by Bonnie Tyler
"Destruction" – Performed by Loverboy
"On Your Own" – Performed by Billy Squier
"What's Going On" – Performed by Adam Ant

Long delayed due to music rights issues, Kino's Blu-ray includes a new high-definition digital scan of the Moroder print alongside the original 2.0 channel soundtrack and an additional 5.1 track. The disc will also feature a number of bonus supplements, such as:

Introduction from Moroder
The Fading Image documentary on this version's restoration
Photo gallery
Theatrical trailer

In addition, a limited edition, foil-embossed slip case will be included with the first Blu-ray pressing.

Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis will street on November 15th following a limited North American theatrical run in Vancouver, Anchorage, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami Beach, Chicago, Albany, Charleston, Dallas, Houston, Olympia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.
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