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Memento: Parallel Cut:


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10's across the board. This is a fine edit that stands as an excellent (maybe even mandatory) complement to the original film. While the original's unique narrative structure was so memorable, I didn't think the narrative itself was that memorable; this is because it was so hard to follow to begin with. You're left just as confused as the protagonist by the end, and I honestly was never sure who was manipulating who or what the truth was. This edit is a nice epilogue to the original, perfect for someone who wants to go through the narrative from the outside looking in, following Lenny along rather than seeing these characters from Lenny's impaired, amnesic perspective. INH5 has taken the two parallel narratives, the past and the present, and matched them together perfectly. Despite the chronological order, the death of a particular character still works wonderfully when placed at the end rather than the beginning; In fact, it might even work better since it's juxtaposed alongside another death; it gives the story's central twist even more narrative heft. Ultimately, this edit clarifies and illuminates without hand-holding or diminishing the mystery. Arguably the film could've been presented this way originally and lost none of its well-deserved fame. Excellent edit, must-watch for Memento fans.

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