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Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEdit:


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I loved the edit. I was not looking for something more Marvel- or Christopher Reeves-style, and if you are, you will not get it here. What you will get is a masterful integration of MoS and BVS into a coherent and exciting narrative that thunders along and becomes something more than the sum of its parts. What you will get are smart cuts, sharp focus, and real stakes. I am a Snyder fan but was happy to see a much shorter Krypton sequence, the removal of material that was neither needed (e.g. Superman having the Kryptonian codex) nor useful (e.g. Batman's bizarre reasoning that "if we believe there's a ONE percent chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty") nor convincing (e.g. Pa Kent's decisions). Wonder Woman plays a more low-key role for much of the movie, but it works. There is some toning down of Batman's violence and of the collateral damage in Superman's fights which I do not think was strictly necessary -- e.g. Superman did, in fact, kill Zod in the comics, not every movie 100% follows the comics anyway, as Marvel movies' reinvention of Thanos as a well-intentioned environmentalist shows -- but it still works. It works well. Very, very well. Seriously. This is a brilliant edit.

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