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Lights Out - Extinguished Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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The Extinguished Edition adds back a few scenes, cut from Lights Out after negative test screenings, particularly an all-new ending showing the characters after the conclusion of the story, as well as an alternate exposition scene reshot for the theatrical cut. 

Three new deleted, alternate and extended scenes have been integrated back into the film adding 11 minutes of new footage. 

Hearing the director David F Samberg talk about the test audience reception to the ending and the exposition being changed for the final film, I thought it would be interesting to go back and put these scenes in and see how the movie would work now, in a different sort of way. 

- added Rebecca calling the police regarding Martin's dad's death
- added alternate version of the Diana explanation/exposition
- added alternate ending, taking place post-incident

Theatrical - 1:20:57
Extinguished - 1:31:54


- Homemade VFX
- Planning the Scares

- Director David F Sandberg talks about the Alternate Ending


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I had no idea that there was this alternate footage! I am very intrigued!!!!!
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