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Legend - Extended Edition by Leonenut


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this is part 1 of a 2 DVD set. Part 2: LEGEND - WORKPRINT is currently uploaded and will be released soon.


film name : Legend: Extended
film studio name : Universal
Date Original Film Was Released : 1985
Date Edit Was Released : Mar 2007
Original Runtime : 113 mins (Director's Cut), 89 mins (US Theatrical Cut), 94 mins (Euro Cut)
New Runtime : 118 mins
Amount of time Cut/Added : 5 mins added

Cuts removed/added/extended :
- Shot of Jack whistling with bird
- Shots of Jack and Lili crossing river
- Lili saying "Jack I'm sorry" and extended nervous kiss
- Lightning hitting tree
- Shot of Alicorn being hewn off
- Shot of Blunder dunking head in bowl
- Jack searching for Lili in the blizzard
- Lili following the goblins
- Extra shots of Gump and Jack when they first meet
- Line restored "Love is another story"
- Shots of elves
- Shot of Screwball watching Jack with the unicorn
- More shots of Lili following goblins
- Shots of captured unicorn and eyes in the darkness
- Extra shots of cherubs and cooks at work
- Restored line "You should see your princess now"
- Jack and Gump fighting the pygmies
- Shot of statue moving
- Flash when Lili merges with the black dress
- Shots of Jack, Screwball and Brown Tom when they get back together again
- Extra shot of Gump fighting cook
- Shots of food on table and wine glass filling magically
- Shots of Darkness' minions holding down unicorn
- Restored line "Get up there"
- Shot of Screwball falling asleep
- Extra shots of Jack hacking off Darkness' hands
- Restoration of the alicorn scene
- Extra Shot of Gump on cliff

Fanedit details (please add here details about DVD contents as well as video and audio information):
2.35:1 NTSC Anamorphic
Dolby Surround 2.0

additional details for this upload:
this fanedit has been provided with all new menus created by boon23.
It also features 5.1 audio, created from the 2.0 track, which should be nice for those with a surround system.

Your intention for this fanedit:
To restore as much of the extra scenes and shots from the two theatrical cuts to the Director's Cut where feasible

Time needed for the edition: 3 months

persons involved: LeoneNut, DarkJedi, ZakDrittz, Sean Murphy

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info



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Which soundtrack was used and what makes the workprint unique?

dark jedi

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if you are a fan of the Tangerine Dream music,like me,that is not what was used,but both discs to this set are friggin great,some very cool scenes I have never seen before.

I have watched these discs more than any other edit from anyone so far.


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DoctorM said:
Which soundtrack was used and what makes the workprint unique?

Uses Goldsmith's score. Must admit though I have a soft spot for the Tangerine Dream version, as I grew up with that cut from a TV recording.

The workprint has the longer alternate 4 goblins introduction (replacing just Blix and Darkness) and has the faerie dance restored.


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Just wondering, I could swear that the tv version shown on the sci-fi channel had the faerie dance in it. Does anyone else remember this?
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